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The people with deficiencies have been characterized for diverse paradigms in elapsing of the history of the humanity which resist throughout the centuries, having provoked historical consequences, in the life of these people. Specifically to analyze the historical process in what she says respect to the social fights in search of the insertion of the person with deficiency in the society, in the work market. Throughout the time, we had discriminations, segregations, of the people with deficiencies. This fight is being difficult, until the society and companies to wake up and not to discriminate the deficient ones. Since the law of quotas that compel the companies to contract people with deficiencies, however this fight still continues, therefore the companies, mainly of collective transports, the empregabilidade is low, this if of also for the fact of the carrying people of deficiencies receiving an aid previdencirio from the INSS, the BPC-LOAS.

This because many contracted in this company have low escolaridade. We also have another question that is important, to the lack of accessibility for other deficient ones. While our society not to change its look and to characterize the carriers of deficiencies for the work market, the companies alone go to fulfill the law of quotas because he is obligator, in contrast the people with deficiencies would not go to be contracted. The entrepreneurs need to change its vision and to see that the people with deficiency are citizens and have right and duties.