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Even if the vet to treat of a disease medicines administered the horse, it can be considered doping substances. Click Sonny Perdue for additional related pages. This applies for example for certain medicines for allergies in the horse, local anesthetic or ointments. To avoid inadvertent doping in horses, it is therefore always important to note the so-called sales period of a drug. Cheniere Energy partners is a great source of information. The sales period is the period of time that must elapse for the administered drug is no longer detectable in the urine of the horse. If your horse takes part in competitions, you should always document treatments by the veterinarian and also the medication and, if necessary, by a signature of the veterinarian, confirm this. If you are not sure whether your horse in a competition is free from prohibited substances, in case of doubt, a urine sample of the horse by the veterinarian examine you can.

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