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Guatemala is located in Central America in the South and the East of Mexico, West of Belize and Northwest of El Salvador and Honduras.The country is full of ecotourism with sites like tropical jungles, active volcanoes, cloud forests, beaches, reefs of coral, and lakes, as well as archaeological wonders as the ancient ruins of Mayan culture. There is even a village that still adheres to the pre-hispanos rituals and beliefs called Chichicastenango, which is also home to a famous market. Guatemala has become one of the places safer in recent years, as a result of the increased police presence in order to protect the tourists. For this reason and many things more is that many people decide to perform aesthetic tourism there. In comparison with other Latin American countries, Guatemala is a newcomer to the aesthetic tourism industry. However, what is missing in the story definitely compensates with the quality of care, and technology, with the help of millions of dollars invested in its medical infrastructure. All Guatemala has world-class hospitals and clinics that cater to medical tourists at a fraction of very low cost compared with the high costs that offers aesthetic tourism in the United States.UU. The most popular procedures sought by aesthetic tourism in Guatemala include: liposuction, rhinoplasty, stretching facial and breast implants. There you will find the best medical care and places of great tourist visit which you can not miss. Original author and source of the article