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Transportation ATMs – a delicate and pretty tricky. As with any lifting services, transportation ATM does not allow for negligence or incompetence. You know why? Because the price of deficient transportation ATM is extremely high – and this is the cost of the ATM, and the cost of the vehicle on which the carriage, and health longshoremen involved in this work. Curiously this may seem at first view, but often unprofessional ATM transport companies is accompanied by tilting the vehicle in turns due to improper stowage, longshoremen injury because of inexperience and injury ATM because of unsuccessful removal or installation. Not surprisingly, the client wants to pass the carriage of ATMs in safe hands. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David L. Goldfein offers on the topic.. But here there is the situation with the client's maniacal desire to save money. Very often, an understanding of that the transport of ATM can not be cheap, comes after the first or even second failed attempt. So: ATM transport – the pleasure is quite expensive, but it is a case where the price is directly reflects the quality.

And if you understand that no transportation of ATMs can not do, choose the only professional company. The head of one of the fairly well-known companies on the organization moved to Moscow and Moscow region "Leader of the move," confident that define professionalism firm-carrier is quite simple. Of course, the experience – the great thing. And you'd better choose a company that knows what it is transportation and ATM "with her than eat." But no less important to clarify a few things … Be sure to check whether there is a company specialized equipment for the transport of ATM machines. Learn how the firm is going to organize transportation of ATMs (in a good, professionals must first examine the place of departure and arrival and plan the job, given the possible complexity).

And do not forget to specify what to do with valuable cargo inside the ATM. An honest company will offer you make the notch content to dismantle and transport the ATM, or ask to identify your employee (security guard) for support. And do not forget: ATM transport – this is a case in which no need to hurry up, how would term it may be. Common sense still has not been canceled.