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They will cost you 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than usual. There are also special taxis – 'luazh'. They are pretty cheap. Rent a car can be a person over 21 years. International law must be issued more than a year ago. You can rent a car in the hotel or at the rental. Gasoline will cost $ 1 for 3 yrs.

It is advisable to make sure the car is in good condition. In the cities speed limit is 50 km / h on roads – 90 km / h on motorways – 110 km / hour. In Tunisia, there are European rules of the road. Tourist can bring in 100 cigarettes or 400 cigars, 2 liters of alcoholic beverages of up to the 23% or more 1 liter of spirits. Photo and video equipment are exempt from customs duties, on a more expensive technical equipment, such as personal computers, when entering the country made a note in the passport. The import and export: the national currency, drugs, explosives and weapons, pornographic publications.

Tourists who purchase 'items antiquity '(coins, oil lamps), leaving the country may encounter difficulties. Most of the products of artisans of Tunisian customs duties are not taxable. Do not ignore the customs regulations, especially in against the declared currency. If you are not confident in their 'customs literacy' does not hesitate to contact employees of the company or customs officials. Money Exchange is at the airport, hotels and banks. Rate of approximately is the same everywhere. To exchange dinars you can rest at the airport upon departure from the country, and only if there is a certificate that is issued in the exchange office currency exchange for dinars (30% of the exchange amount, but not more than $ 100). So Help save money exchange! Most shops are open Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.30, and Saturday from 8.00 to 12.30. In the provinces, this time varies. Good things in shopping malls are not Tunisia are cheaper than in Paris or Moscow. In each city – its market. Markets – one of the main attractions, there is better to buy souvenirs made from copper, leather, clay, wood, jewelry, and oriental spices. Can you please yourself, buying a wonderful carpet with subtle ornamentation, or more severe in the 'Berber' style. A huge variety of pottery – hand-made from masters of Nabeul. As a souvenir brought back from exotic travel baskets, boxes, mats – all They are woven from palm leaves. Do not forget that Tunisia has always made bargain. In Tunisia, tipping: the hotel (depending on class of hotel): bartender, waiter – 10% of the bill, maid, porter-on discretion, in a restaurant and cafe: Not necessarily, because they are already included in the bill, and in taxi: 10% in the barber shop – 10% -15% of the Russian Embassy in Tunisia – (01) 882-446 Fire – 198 Police – 197 Ambulance – 190