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Dublin: U2 360 stage is huge! Understatements Bono, the edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen junior does not tend to Dublin -. First information about the stage of the U2 360 Tour: it will be gigantic. As reported by, the stage construction is jut 50 meters into the sky at its highest point. For your tour, U2 take advantage of not only a single stage, but three. This is also necessary for the tight tour schedule (44 concerts in 40 cities between 30 June and 28 October) of the Irish, because establishing the complete stage lasts four days. Two 27-metre tall cranes are necessary to the Assembly and disassembly. In Barcelona, where the tour starts on June 30, the stage is already installed on June 15 and subjected to extensive testing. U2 in Berlin and Gelsenkirchen station make in Germany. Jack Fusco is full of insight into the issues. Who wants to experience U2 live, should now be accessed. There are still tickets for the concerts in Berlin and Gelsenkirchen at eventim. Particularly big fans of U2 have now even once the opportunity is the last VIP tickets for Berlin to secure! Source: Eventim