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So Europe is proclaimed the end of the “multicultural society”. To ban circumcisions of boys discussed, although complained no Beschnittener about it. Minarets were prohibited, which was not an issue in the United States even after 9/11. The 1893 enacted ban on Shechita is still in force, although it is not compatible with the freedom of religion. Church and State are still not separated: secularization After the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor, diversity but forms an essential and unchanging feature of democratic societies. You want to know anything in Europe.

Homogeneity (simplicity) instead of heterogeneity (diversity): Equal factory instead of equal opportunities. Latent fear behind the standardisation – and discipline discourses before that hides a latent fear that Europe of no longer the hub of goods is world. So-called emerging emancipate themselves. Because there nobody more on European homilies about meat consumption or the cloning of animals is waiting for, is mankind and disciplined, where it still is possible: here. But not everything can be regulated. Beginning in the 16th century modernisation in Europe from the Klan-to the individual society: separation of the Holy See and throne was not planned, it was the result of the unleashing of same individuality, which now devalued in the wake of the bio-political egalitarianism. If individuality and heterogeneous world interpretation schemes not more as an opportunity, but as a threat to be perceived, then vanish also contingency awareness, reflection and innovation. The company is “poorer” culturally and economically.

Source: (C) by Francis Muller, editor-in-Chief of Swissfuture magazine and a lecturer in sociology and ethnography at the Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste CH; Author Note: You can ban everything though. But just who it also interspersed is worthy of trust! Armies of paid officials are engaged in the Administration (criminal tax-ung) instead of the design (control) Europe. With their economized approach they realize only Problems, such as recently the ‘olive oil jug’ law proposal, the idea of the tax for childless, etc etc and this often create new problems.