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The world-wide crisis and recent ' ' quebra' ' the Lehman Brothers they better need to be understood. The FED (American Central banking) already had helped with public resources two great banks, exauridos for the American real estate crisis, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Had been us$ 200 billion dollars, injected to give liquidity and to prevent the crisis biggest in the American financial system, the effect cascade. Debbie Staggs follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Some obliging sources say that the Chinese government from there had US$ 650 billion almost applied in the banks in danger and plus one strong motivation of the aid. The government of China is the deserving greater of papers in the American market. All the system is linked and actors of diverse countries do business between itself, this are one of the perigos of the crisis to enter in the call effect domin. ted properly.

The FED, discretional and competent, has played its role to manage plus a crisis originated in the real estate bubble, initiated in the truth in 2006. We are in the end of this crisis with the bank in addition last great in problems. The bubble blows up and some feel its effect, in this in case that, the American financial system that it will have to take some incautos European and Asian bankers whom they had invested in ' ' papers extraordinrios' ' , but it is alone. One remembers that in the spiral of the buyer’s market always in its end the taxes and ' ' spreads' ' they are tempting, the high profit, but it is proportional to the risk. Who never lived moments of offers of miraculosos papers, the incredible taxes, but that in the truth they are one ' ' mico' ' fabuloso and is in the truth leaving the hands of the speculator professionals? The crisis has a dichotomy, is in the virtual world of the financial market, not in the real economy.