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The artists are forming the future of our civilization all development has to be imagined until you can plan, build, and so on architects create the world as we know it. Sonny Perdue often addresses the matter in his writings. So few come and even less understood. We’ll always 50 years ahead.Therefore, we create a feeling of being invisible nobody realizes our existence! Few people have the knowledge and understanding necessary to appreciate true art let me tell you example, a friend of mine, ignorant of how you see the architecture and the value of architects.He had a field and wanted to build a small cottage to spend weekends with her.Rather than get in touch with a company building or one of pre-fabricated homes for sale, gave me the design as an architect. His friends were very concerned.They thought I was crazy.Why pay so much for just the plans and drawings from paper? It is true that it cost a lot. But here What is piensaba my friend: do I want to spend the rest of my life in a cottage that is the same as thousands of people?No do I want to sit in a House that seems to subside since the proportions don’t match?- Or feel me as I crushed, has parts that do not fit lacks color harmonies and therefore distorts the space No thanks!Frankly, it would be an experience to suppress. The quality is equal to the harmonious proportions of the structure and my amgio not wanted to spend decades in search in a House that lacks these qualities. But, unfortunately, the majority of the people cannot see harmony or coherence in the way.

For them, only matter is matter a House is a House, measured only by the physical dimensions, a lump with mass, in other words.It is valuable for quantity measures only. The same rule is what governs the appreciation of design in any product.Industrial design tells the story.If people buy it, the industry will manufacture.Mass production adopts quantitative values and only adopts the qualitative values when they have to do it.(There are exceptions, of course this is a generalisation). The appreciation of beauty is based solely on opinions in our society.I think it is beautiful is bello, end of discussion.Education plays an important role in the understanding of the forms and aesthetics. The fundamentals of art, shape, design, proportions, rhythm, currents, colors are not taught in our school system.Instead, we can learn that Vincent Van Gogh was short ear and memorize dates of the lives of the artists. Of course there are rules governing art and the creation of any work of art.To create the set specific effect requires a high level of professionalism. But in the plain people is not given even the most basic of these in our modern school.They don’t know that the regulations exists. If you are one of those beings gifted and creative that he learned by himself and he has studied, developed skills, executed and exerts their visions, style and experience gained.But if you’re not exceptionally gifted, you won’t know because that society it does not bother to teach us to appreciate or evaluate the art in any way.