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The construction of one marries, a building, buildings of great material dimensions use projetose of civil construction that are of the common knowledge civil naconstruo, the things change form when we are to speak doresto of the population that does not know the process of construction or osmateriais. How many people already had heard to speak of palavraargamassa of nesting or revstimento, probably some but not many, however argamassa one of the materials with the biggest presence in our lives, materialdesejado for ancestor, today a material vulgarly used civil naconstruo where the quality of this product allows that asconstrues advance with rapidity in any part of the world. Aargamassa it is in the reality the junction between water, sand and a binder, from there results a product with the capacity to allow an enormous so necessary rigidezestrutural in the civil construction. To the many centuries behind this product was ambicionado in the sector of the construction a time that if became difficult to construct with rigidity in the structures and this also hindered the construction in height. In the present time any citizen can buy nesting mortar or covering with biggest the dasfacilidades, is enough for this if to dislocate until a warehouse or a store devenda of materials for the sector of the civil construction, is one of the materials cheapest. Normally we know our houses in its final form, already with the painted walls, tetosfinalizados, seated floor, all the installed equipment epreparados to function, without no at sight mortar, argamassas of underneath assentamentoficam of all the materials. Argamassas emdois types are divided, the first type are the mortar of nesting, servepara to guarantee the union between blocks of bricks, this is a situation emque the mortar has that to fulfill the objectives completely so that the wall is perfect. This is a mortar that is day to day part of the workers of the area of the masonry where the nesting mortar has as to objetivoajudar to create a perfect base for the pisos that exist in nossascasas, mosaics, marbles and other materials that are used to pararevestir walls or floor. As a type of argamassasrefere it the covering mortar, the mortar needs here to deajudar to obtain to produce a wall with a smooth finishing in all asua area. This application is divided in 3 types of mortar, chapisco, plasters and I tow finally it.