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The rule number one and the only is that miracles do not have degrees or different categories, all but absolutely everyone have the same value because they come from God, and God has the power to run the miracle that is. Then there lies our error and generally unconscious, believe that God (again the example) is easier to find a weight that one million pesos. And this happens because while on one hand apply the creative mind (have faith) on the other hand still remains for us lags of the competitive mind, where we believe that chance is helping God fulfill the miracle. I.e., God seeks not the chance that just one minute before passing through our way someone with broken pocket so that the coin drop it. Learn more on the subject from Smartee Plate. The shape is not known nor try to guess it, because the only thing that can be achieved with it is attacking our order, but Dios granted us the desire to simply if we have faith in his greatness, no matter we ask a weight or one million pesos. And here I relate this article with the above I wrote about the view of the Eagle. We must stop seeing reality with our ego (earthly look), to go to see with our spirit. And therefore have total security to Dios us granted any thing that does not harm another person no matter how big it is, because miracles depend on him completely.

Why I say that you must be a creative mindset for 100% of the time. When one really learns to run correctly the law of attraction, knows that it is not necessary to ask more to save part for the future. If we have competitive thoughts, any saving for when we will miss (fear of the ego), however with an absolutely creative mind, know that we will ask what we need, because God or the universe we always be granted whatever we lack, since that is the way that God created us gave us the power to create to attract everything that needed us. Therefore when we learn to have a creative mind always leave fear aside (do not get, by losing, etc, etc,) that is ultimately the only enemy of the faith. Already that if we have no fear of our faith will grow and the realization of miracles will be a fact. In concluding these concepts, we must learn that the main change in our mentality is to learn to recognize miracles we are the exception in our life, but the rule. What I do understand with what was expressed in the previous paragraph, is that our life moves with the creative mind continuously to achieve what we want of miracle in miracle, as something entirely natural. That is the biggest mental change of all, do not believe that miracles are something supernatural and reserved only for the Saints or enlightened.

Miracles belong by nature to all and shall be granted them by rule to all, to the extent that we can learn which is the correct procedure. Ultimately all this carries a learning in which I myself am accompanying them and my goal while I’m learning, is in the most practical way to illustrate the concepts of the law of attraction.