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Fitness is often confused with the shaping, in fact, by shaping can adjust certain parts of the body, whereas fitness is an empire and has many varieties: fitness yoga, water aerobics, Pilates, stretching and other fitness (fitness) – a system for improving physical fitness, wellness programs, as well as one of the competitive disciplines. Fitness began in the U.S., as an alternative to bodybuilding. Are bodybuilding is to pump as much muscle mass, which is then shown at various events. But the goal of fitness is to demonstrate to the judges tone, firmer and attractive Physical Culture. The appearance of fitness as a sport contributed to three reasons. In – the first significant obesity of the American people.

Second, the persistent struggle with anabolic steroids as the main enemy and the enemy bodybuilding. The fact is, fitness suggest a balanced diet and do not aim to build muscle mass. Third, the masculine and muscular women filled all the tournaments and competitions. There are by a variety of fitness competitions, which are sometimes similar to a beauty contest. The program of competitions is mandatory posing, pretty intense choreographic program, a small defile, and before microphone, a short story about the party itself. There are many criteria by which a strict panel of judges evaluates the participants: cosmetics, body posture, gait, grooming skin also looks at the entire image as a whole, in terms of health. Under existing rules before the competition need to be approved style suits the selection committee, because if the contestant will wear a "wrong" swimsuit, she may be disqualified. For example, the "wrong" are merged swimsuits, panties, thongs or thongs. Literally translated from the English word fitness means "match." In fact, the fitness – this match certain physical exercises and adjust the shape and overall body strengthening. However, professional sport fitness is difficult to name, because the sport is aimed at permanent employment and achieve superior results.