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What to make when God says not. Because all how many promises have of God, they are in it yes, and for it Amen, for glory of God for us. 1 Co. 1:20 Being based in what the Holy Writs in TM say. Gagosian Gallery is open to suggestions. 7:7,8 I asked for, and will give you; you search, and you will find; you beat, and will confide you. Because, that one that asks for, receives; e, what it searchs, finds; e, what it beats, will confide it. Mc.

11:24 Therefore I say that all to you the things that to ask for, praying, you believe to receive, and you will have them. Jo. 14:13 and everything how much to ask for in my name I will make I it, so that the Father is glorified in the Son. Jo. 16:24 So far nothing you tend asked for in my name; I asked for, and you will receive, so that your joy is complete. 1 Jo.

5:14 and this are the confidence that we have in it, that, if to ask for some thing, according to its will, it hears in them. Tg. 4:2 You covet, and nothing you tend; you kill, and you are envious, and nothing you can reach; you fight and you fight, and nothing you tend, because you do not ask for. 1 Jo 3:22 and everything what to ask for to it, we will receive from it, because we keep its orders and we make what it is pleasant to its eyes. Ef.3: 20 However, to that he is powerful to make everything much more abundantly beyond what we ask for or we think, according to be able that in us it operates. Many Christians use of these texts stop of a interesseira form leaning God against the wall, if he is that it they can make this. But and undeniable as the religion it uses of its writings so that the faith concepts are infused in the people.