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Children can have fun in many places, but especially in the sandbox! Children so like to play in the sandbox, as if there would be no other place where they prefer would remain. Most adults have had this experience as a child himself and can watch it in their own children. But what is it really, that children are magically attracted by a sandbox? One may presume that this has to do so, that the world of the sandbox allows the children to live the life of an Erwachsenens. Because children like to imitate adults for their lives. This is one of the essential procedures, children learn about their environment. They observe adults and copy what you learned in your own behavior.

Therefore can be seen again and again on the sandbox, how children there slip into the roles of adults. A first role that is often copied, is the construction worker. In the sandbox, the little guy or the little woman is not only a child, but a real Builder, or a Baumeisterin? The child itself decides how Construction will be carried out. Be what steps first? What happens to the building excavation? All these questions are answered by the child in a way. If something isn’t, as planned, the child learns to vote his plan on the new situation and their specific challenges. It’s like in the life of the adult, where there are daily new challenges that must be overcome by a plan B.

The second role, which often take kids in the sandbox, is that of the architect and maker. The child makes the decision, whether a road so or so built. It determines how the sand Castle should look like. Often, these decisions must be enforced even against other children. So you can train his leadership potential already in the sandbox. Not all children are equal but suitable for this task. Some focus on understanding and the joint definition of objectives. But others rely on violence. This is the situation when a child one with a plastic shovel fries over the other. The fun exploring of the world of adults is an important factor which can explain the attraction of a sand box for children. So it is not surprising that many parents want to create a sandbox in the garden her children. Here are some challenges but also for the large builders, say parents. If you need more information on the sandbox theme, they can draw sandbox world on the content of the portal. There current sandbox, the right sand and good toys are presented in detail. A calculator will help determine the right amount of sand so that the children can play too great.