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The first known place in ancient Greece, where she cultivated the vine and made wine, is the island of Crete, where it was excavated first winery, referring to 1600 bc Deciphered Linear Knossos show that the wines of Greece during this period enjoyed fame in the ancient world and distributed to the country of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Crete was also the place where the wine was delivered and the mainland of Greece. Although the exact evidence of this fact does not exist, but it seems most plausible since prove the close connections between Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greek mainland. After the sudden disappearance of the Minoan civilization Center Greek wine-making has shifted to the mainland. After a period of "dark ages" in the history of ancient Greece that followed the invasion of Dorian tribes, in Greece around the period 1000-900 centuries bc again began the economic and cultural revival, followed by active colonization of the Greeks the Mediterranean region. To this same period include the first evidence of the cult of Dionysus in Greece. Dionysus was the god of wine. According to ancient Greek legends of Dionysus was introduced into Greece, wine, and taught men to cultivate the vine.

In honor of Dionysus were established holidays – Dionysos, during which people dressed in various costumes and acted out scenes from the life Dionysus. That Dionysiacs over time led to the emergence of classical Greek theater. With increasing number of Greek colonies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and spread the art of winemaking imported by the ancient Greeks to the most remote corners of the Mediterranean basin. The Greeks began to cultivate the vine in such areas as Sicily and the south of France, who are the world's wine-making centers and today. Development of wine in the colonies, especially contributed to the Peloponnesian War, when they were interrupted by the trade ties between the metropolis and the colonies and the colonists were forced to meet their needs independently.

Wine trade in ancient Greece was a very well developed. That's when wine began to get their names and brands in order to be recognized by consumers. In 1986 d.n.e Athens was subject to Rome. At the same time winemaking centers have gradually moved from Greece to Italy. However, it was the Greeks that gave impetus to the development of winemaking, without which largely would not be a modern wine-making tradition.