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Italy: Wine, women and music are more than just a sentence no matter what you’ve heard so far, there is no other European country except Italy of the wine lovers the more appreciated. Mention the word and get far until the eye can see, a vision of peaceful landscapes and thick, juicy grapes, green hills and vineyards. Due to the large difference between of the climate and the soil in every province in Italy, there are different grape varieties, produced from which different varieties of wine. Here you will find a list of some of the best wines in Italy (DOCG) and where to find them. We start our journey at the bottom in the South provinces and their wines.

Don’t miss Sardinia, the beautiful Italian island something foreign. Here, you will taste a dry white wine, whose varying in color is from honey yellow to golden yellow. The chrysoberyl fare points on the reguleren wine. Its flavour is aromatic and very bitter, tastes the best to freshly caught Meesresprodukten and white Meat. The amber gold has the wine liquoroso’, he is sweet and tastes best to dessert. Enjoy your meal with Vermentino di Gallura. Get in the boat and arrive on the Mainland, Campania. Any locals will give you a like a glass of the finest Taurasi.

This red wine has an intense color that even orange works, if the wine is older. Your taste buds will get the feeling of dryness at the beginning, but only for a second, and immediately, this wine is full bodied. The aroma of the wine is very strong and aromatic, so don’t forget to circle the glass. This wine tastes especially good outdoors to grill meat and white bread. In the province of Abruzzo there are Montepulciano d ‘ Abruzzo colline Teramane the intense ruby red with light violet accents, which is dry and tart…