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Undergo training in the uk dream of many, but to a dream come true, you must first enroll in the selected school. All British institutions pay careful attention to the selection of pupils and their parents, in their part, very meticulously chosen school. Each of them offers something unique training in the uk has its own traditions and activities. Therefore difficult to give general advice – you need to know conditions for admission and studying in the uk in a particular school. If you want to study in the uk was your daughter, one of the best options would Wycombe Abbey – an educational institution for girls in senior positions in ratings of British schools. It taught girls aged from eleven to eighteen. It is important to know that teaching in the uk is divided into stages, starting from where it ends at eleven years old. Therefore, At this age, and held the first set in a school Wycombe Abbey.

The second thread take thirteen years (since at this age begin specialized training in the UK). Check with Secretary of Agriculture to learn more. Procedure for admission to independent (and, without exaggeration, elite) schools are quite complex. Willing to undergo training in the uk in this school very much, so the recording starts within a few years before the anticipated revenues. In particular, Wycombe Abbey establish such deadlines for filing: not less than 1,5 years to eleven, and not less than 2 years to thirteen. Applications submitted later will not be considered.

In order to begin training in the uk, it is necessary to pass competition (he is held among those who have timely filed an application). Approximately one year before the girls come in for an interview. They spend in school, Wycombe Abbey quite some time: get acquainted with other girls perform group exercises, playing a musical instrument or demonstrate other creative skills, and finally pass the interview with the head of the school. The next stage – taking exams in all major disciplines, which involves training in the uk. It is held usually in January. Foreign schoolgirls must also pass the test of English proficiency. According to the combined results list is determined by enrollment. However, and those who did not get into it, too, has a chance to study in the uk. They form a waiting list, and if for some reason the place is empty, it will take the girl, who is in first place in this list.