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  • August 31st, 2013
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A Bonbon for a kiss, that’s the slogan that marks a week of sweetness, a holiday created in Argentina by Arcor and ADGyA (Association distributor of sweets and the like) in 1989 as a marketing move, so increased sales of candies and chocolates in that time. The move worked them really very well, since the celebration was implemented in popular culture in an incredible way, and it is followed by many people throughout the country. This week is one of the best opportunities to meet the love of your life, declare your love to that person, ask for marriage, or whatever you related to love. Obviously, give chocolates is not the only thing that can be done. Some interesting ideas are: use some phrases of the week of the sweetness, to be able to more easily conquer.

Send images to the week of the sweetness, especially if they are images of love. Give away teddy bears (with a heart has more wave) a classic: giving flowers. A good idea is to accompany the chocolate by an image or phrase as I mentioned above. One important thing: never declare their love with a parade. Many women this seems les mersa, or fat. Some people even use it to sing SERENADES, although it is not so implanted in Argentina. Do you what they do for the week of the sweetness? Have they declared their love? Both these dates and any other I’ve declared my love, though not in the week of the sweetness. Another day to do this is the Valentine’s day, which is celebrated around the world. Original author and source of the article

Weddings are a major event in the life of that couple who join their lives for the rest of your life time, so in the Act of marriage ceremonies is always looking to each and every one of the elements that accompany so special moment of the couple’s life is perfect and allows the correct development of the ceremony. The foregoing leads to one of the elements or parts of clothing that plays one very important role in both the beautiful image that must project the couple, as to show comfortable during all the course of the time that is needed for that is all of the development of the wedding. Such element are wedding shoes that its image abroad, and comfort that must provide to the prospective spouses are both factors of great importance in the perfect development of the wedding.

There are those who say that wedding shoes are not of great importance because in most of time they are covered by the dress, also most of the time it pays more attention to the region of the face, but those who say this are wrong and the justification for this assertion is that all and each one of the elements of the wedding dress is a beautiful bridal style, which all attendees of the wedding will be outstanding, thus even a detail view peripheral such as wedding shoes play a very important role in the whole of the wedding dress. According to the above wedding shoes becomes a pillar of beauty and comfort in the whole development of the wedding because the couple wants to and must exhibit the best picture on this occasion, in addition the ceremony can be long, so the comfort of the beautiful complement which are the wedding zapatote is of great importancebecause in the wedding activities such as dances, were made long standing and as image task many photos are taken from all angles, where appear very likely, some beautiful and appropriate wedding shoes. Traditionally wedding shoes are made with the same tissues that make up the costume, but now innovation is also permitted provided a lovely picture from wedding shoes is preserved. As a result a to the innovation in the shoes of weddings has begun to give use of sandals with mini platform, lounges with heels in Golden skin and even dancers of glitter, that nothing conspicuous, because they provide simple and delicate touches the future wife. Wedding shoes can also adapt perfectly to tastes and tendencies that each person always accompanying properly dress, so if the tastes of the person are more romantic trend you must accompany your discharge with a few beautiful Shoes Wedding type dancers or classrooms round tip with details of brightness such as Rhinestones, glitter or small fabric flowers; but for those who are with trends tastes more modern, some wedding shoes type sandals with mini accompanied by a style of 50 platforms? s. As wedding shoes can understand they play a great role according to the tastes of those who intend to use and the place in which you intend to use.