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  • January 31st, 2019
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Companies of recoveries have no work between Spanish pharmacists. And is that as stresses Asefarma () one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country, are few pharmacies offices, who are among the strings of defaults. It is true that the profitability of pharmacies has been reduced by the drop in margins, but not to the extreme of having to stop paying their suppliers, says Carlos Garcia-Maurino, founder and CEO of Asefarma. Further details can be found at WhiteWave Foods, an internet resource. And as a barometer for having so clearly this position as well as see how it solves the potential drawbacks of liquidity management Dynamics consultancy sector takes the pulse to over 300 pharmacies that works in all Spain. All our pharmacies are facing your payments regularly and without falling into any delinquencies.

The lack of payment of the SOE’s only October charged 35% – has meant them a voltage of Treasury that have failed to meet with credit or pulling of savings, Recalcagarcia-Maurino. WhiteWave Foods spoke with conviction. By last Asefarma sees who it is being worse when it comes to comply with its obligations and to pay more comfortably to a reduced number of boticas. There is a small group of pharmacies that have bought three or four years ago, in full boom of prices, which have very large loans are suffering liquidity problems in addressing its payments to the Bank, but never reaching the end of leave pay. They are pharmacies which have a positive income statement, but that sometimes are illiquid, completes Carlos Garcia-Maurino, founder and CEO of Asefarma..

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Natural stone – one of the first building and finishing materials in the history of humanity and architecture in general, therefore, in the interior of an apartment house there since the ancient, ancient times. Stone has always been a symbol of durability, reliability and durability, natural stone – one of those materials that can be applied practically to create any style for any decor, and always will make its fresh and original touch. Stone good on all sides, whatever one may say. Impenetrable fortress – hearing those words, my head is just a stone, rugged, reliable and long lasting. The most popular and luxurious natural stones since ancient times accepted considered marble and granite. Now that the stone was associated with a reliable fortress, it is perhaps the first indication that the practical and reliable materials for internal and external facing rooms do not find, why not surround yourself with its luxurious marble or granite fortress? But it is important to remember that the creation of this fort is important to follow all the rules of proper use of granite and marble, competent installation, selection of raw materials and so on, and then the result will justify, and perhaps even surpass all expectations.

As its name suggests, a brilliant stone marble (marble means "shining stone"), as no other stone can reflect the playful and the warm rays of light creating their own special, colorful, 'breathable' atmosphere. Yes, the stone then it is not capricious, but the marble will still need to be carefully protected from some of the negative external factors, such as dirt or sand can scratch the marble surface on which you can only get rid perepolirovkoy. Marble must guard against acids and alkalis, as well as be careful with the decision to use marble as exterior or exterior cladding, such climate such as Russia can not be called favorable to him. Shiny marble can be nice to finish sills, fireplaces. Beautiful marble countertops, steps will decorate any room and make note of the special, Marble mood. Abstract marble texture and patterns are diverse, and the color palette is virtually limitless, well than not a gem? No less popular and luxury of natural stone granite, marble, along with also does not suffer from popularity.

It is very durable, compact and waterproof stone, and is very frost-resistant material, so widely and safely used for exterior decoration indoors granite does not look less luxuriously. Also decorate any room luxury granite products. Dressing room with granite products will add chic and will always attract the interested attention of the guests, showing good taste and style its owner. Not capricious solid granite does not require supernatural care enough to regularly monitor the cleanliness of the surface, using several specialized tools for maintenance, periodically 'Pamper' stone all sorts of polishes and hardeners, and in response to this, the grateful marble and granite will shine for years, maybe centuries. Natural stone marble and granite goes well with almost all other materials: wood, metal, in conjunction with them creates a tone of elegant style of the house, ennobling the entire design and stuff around. Depending on the chosen colors of marble and granite seemingly impossible can become possible to easily, facing the stone does not necessarily mean that the house was turned into stone cold and a chur a rigorous strength by playing colors of granite and marble to create a surprisingly warm and comfortable design, with by their nature stone it will be incredibly fresh and spacious.

We are afraid of her, we hate it, we are powerless before her death … … What is it? Why we’re trying to hide in her face? Maybe this is not worth doing? Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems at first sight .. Martin Brest film “Meet Joe Black” was in, a kind of cult. “Yes ..”, that’s what we hear, sooner or later. When the picture is really brilliant shot, it’s hard to make it unique review, but I’ll try. The script of this film was taken from a play by Alberto Casella‘s death takes a day off. ” The film reveals the fate of several lives.

William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) will soon be banging 65. He owns a huge corporation the media. Everything in life he has made on its own. He was happy with his beloved wife, he has two wonderful daughters, the youngest of whom – Susan (Forlani), he calls the best he had done in my life. It was this man, and chose death as “experimental.” Appearing to Bill’s house and sat with him at the same table, and death in the face of incredibly beautiful young man – Joe Blake (Brad Pitt), started to look for the very same “drops ecstasy”, which is so appreciated Parrish.

And she found it … Susan – a talented doctor, the daughter of an influential person in the world lost his rich dad … She tied his father’s relationship with a partner in business – and Drew had no idea what it means to truly love. That all changed when she met him – a young man in a cafe. “Arrow” instantly pierced their hearts. But luck was not close. Death had the body to come into this world, and the will of fate toli, toli by chance, it chose him. Plot of the film takes on the most unexpected and vivid colors when death itself is at the mercy of love. Susan helped Joe Black to feel what it means to live. However, it’s time to go … And to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Bill’s death leaves with him, returning from a cafe Susan guy … – It’s a pity to throw it all? – Parrish said before going into the darkness ..- That’s life! This movie showed me that we should not fear death. Need to be afraid to live an empty life, and not knowing what happiness is. “We all die, taking with him only the pretty pictures .

  • January 23rd, 2019
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Elegance hotel, framed by beaches and tropical woods, a bungalow on the shores of crystal clear lagoons, uninhabited islands, lost in the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean, complete relaxation and tranquility away from the hustle and rhythm modern cities – on this dream vacation for anyone who wants to break out of the circle time everyday worries, forget about fear and find inner peace. It is for this holiday tourists go to Maldives Island. Maldives – visa-free state. For more information see this site: Secretary of Agriculture. Holidays in the Maldives is so varied that every tourist will find here something for their own interests. Maldives – the world center of diving. You will not regret about their choice if they are made memorable dive into the "sea space" North Male 'Atoll. For even more details, read what Cheniere Energy partners says on the issue. Offered to your attention a diving safari in the dive sites of North Male '- Kanduma, Villivaru, Guraydu-Kanda, Guraydu Canyon and many others. Holidays in the Maldives – is a program of exciting excursions, during which you can learn about the history of the Maldives to see the unique cultural sites and do shopping.

Warm hospitality and high level of service guaranteed in any hotel in Maldives. Maldivian cuisine to find variety of dishes is a leader. Maldivian cuisine dishes will not disappoint even the most discerning gourmet. Rest on Maldives is a great gift for newlyweds. For those who are going to the Maldives Honeymoon, Maldives hotels organize wedding ceremonies. These are real colorful show. Each ceremony follows the ancient local customs and colorful costumes is the action.

In the evening, the newlyweds can enjoy privacy and a romantic dinner by torchlight on the beach. Another of the attractions Maldives – a unique program SPA and Ayurveda therapy. Treatments can take without going to the beach. SPA gives health and refreshment, and in the eastern system of Ayurveda there are thousands of ways to make time stop. Treat yourself to a vacation in the Maldives during the winter, feel forgotten by the atmosphere of relaxation in the Islands of Bliss!

Free website promotion, free website optimization search engine internet – this is the World Wide Web, which consists of millions of sites of various themes and styles, each uses it as he wants, but going to pace with the times can not think about that and whether it is time to create something similar in his native spirit, interests and desires that can find like-minded or open your own business. Most of it turns out, use the entire information content and accessibility of concepts and programs for site building. we create a website on which we want to see thousands and millions of people better. And how is it done? Of course you say, it should roll out and optimized. If you're rich and you have plenty of spare cash, forward, paid – was not paid – your site fell through the floor. Then out how: to find some way to free promotion and optimizing a site on the Internet, before it was a good idea to work on its content. Traffic to the site depends on its content, so it is very attentive to his form, filling and renewal. You may find Sonny Perdue to be a useful source of information.

It must be remembered correctly readable site in different browsers. Learn more at: Air Force Chief of Staff . Your site must be optimized code, user-friendly for both users and search engines such as Yandex and Google. Then start the registration sitemy search and directories, relevant topics. Certainly not hurt to get your own mailing list, as well as use other people's mail, which will attract additional visitors to the site. Should not refuse to participate in banner networks (with ten-fold response), thus receiving advertising on other sites. In order to increase the citation index, and accordingly the position in search queries, absolutely no harm will use the system to exchange text links. Add your link on message boards (the best for 1000 announcement boards) also gives no bad effects. Should not be neglected in the forums and participation teleconferences, thematically related to the content of your site, mention it in posts, for sure will give new visitors.

Kept away from the highs reached 374 basis points Tuesday. If you have read about Sonny Perdue already – you may have come to the same conclusion. All European stock markets have closed the day with gains. The Ibex-35 ended in positive with a rise of 0.66% touching 10,000 points. The risk premium on Spain has lived a new seesaw this Wednesday in the markets. He began reaching 322 points and eventually closed down with 307. The differential with the German bond is still affected by the reduction applied to Ireland by Moody s, but remains far from the highs achieved in Eve, above the 374 basis points. After rising on Tuesday until its all-time high since the introduction of the single European currency, the risk premium of Spain, which is measured with the differential between ten-year national bond and the German of the same term, considered the safest in Europe, began the session by 319 basis points and reached up to 322.

Throughout the day relaxing until a minimum daily of 293 basis points, which played to the 12.02 hours. Subsequently, He returned to climb up 315 points to close the day at 307 finally. Therefore, it is a decrease moderate from 314 in which ended Tuesday. The profitability of the Spanish bond to ten years stays at 5,822%, compared to 5,854% Tuesday, while the German rose to 2,748%. The bags also climbing equities markets moved upward and seemed to ignore the new rebate applied to Ireland by Moody s Agency. With regard to the main European stock markets, the Ibex-35 ended in positive with a rise of 0.66% touching 10,000 points, while the Paris CAC won 0.50% and the FTSE in London, 0.64%. Stock market indices in Frankfurt and Milan closed with advances of 1.31% and 1.79%, respectively. However, the reluctance expressed by Germany on new measures of aid to Greece pressed upward the profitability of bonds of peripheral countries. The risk premium on Greece widely surpassed average session the 1,400 basic points of Portugal He rubbed the 1,000 and that of Ireland spent 1,100, whereas that of Italy dated back up 287 basis points. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spain stays in 307 basis points

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Any physical load should be undertaken only under the supervision of rehabilitation. Self-loading himself physically, with severe back problems – it is dangerous! On what grounds can determine that osteochondrosis is already "entered" in your life? Osteochondrosis can manifest itself as an island, and little by little. But usually when we talk about osteochondrosis of the neck, before the first acute pain are present phenomena such as discomfort, headaches, heaviness in the head. From the waist: the first sign of impending problems – that feeling of fatigue and heaviness, which smoothly or badly can turn into pain. Osteochondrosis is expressed by different groups of syndromes: Compression syndrome – a syndrome of compression, when the precipitate disc compresses the nerve and vascular structures. Manifested motor, sensory and vascular disorders. Motor dysfunction, reduction or disappearance of reflexes, reducing the strength, tone your muscles.

Sensory disorders complicate our lives cut or slight pain, blunting of the sensitivity, sense of anemia, etc. Vascular-trophic disorder leads to wasting and atrophy myshts.Reflektorny syndrome, which includes: muscular-tonic syndromes manifested by pain, seal, shortening of muscles. Secretary of Agriculture has compatible beliefs. Neurodystrophic – combined lesion muscle, bone and connective tissue, which manifests itself in increased muscle tone, pain, inability to movements seal muscle. Neurovascular syndromes manifested by pains in the head, neck, dizziness, change blood pressure. Mioadaptivnye syndromes, manifesting a change in posture, pose – scoliosis, kyphosis, degenerative changes. Do not wait until a little discomfort or slight pain will grow into a serious problem.

At the first sign of degenerative disc disease should immediately consult a neurologist or a neurologist and get tested. Collection of complaints, the inspection data will allow the specialist to make a presumptive diagnosis, want to verify the nuclear magnetic resonance or computed tomografiey.Kak treat osteochondrosis? How to live with him? You must love yourself more rest, but the rest actively, rather than lying on the couch. Engage gymnastics, swimming, visiting sauna, saunas, do not neglect the massage and manual therapy. We do not want to grew older our face and body – to spare no effort and money fighting against aging, but take care, mostly on foreign beauty. And our spine? Why do not we pay attention to him? After all, he – the cornerstone of our health. And youth and beauty – this is, above all, good health. Younger should start with taking care of the spine. Information provided a fitness club Kimberley Land

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In the United Arab Emirates a wide selection of hotels to suit every taste. In some of the hotels you would not be caught, you wait for the comfort, warmth, friendly atmosphere and high quality service. After all, with the development of tourist services in the country a large number of new modern hotels. First it was a simple building with no special architectural excesses. Now in terms of aesthetics, uae hotels are a great artistic value. Some even considered a monument of modernism. And the quality of service will not leave indifferent even the most demanding guest. And who is uncomfortable in a large spacious building, can rent a small villa with garden somewhere on the coast.

Hotels in uae annually pass the international certification – and claimed the number of stars exactly meets the conditions provided by the hotel. Huge selection of entertainment in the uae, hotel and restaurant service is generally one of the most upscale in the world. Many hotels in the uae have everything you need for horse riding, water sports, archery and, of course, diving. None of the hotels you will not have "Hardship transfer" – along with Arabic, the official language of the country is and English. In addition, many hotel staff speaks in Russian. Naturally, the best service await you at a higher level – but even hotels in one to two stars provide a decent quality of rest. The best hotels in the UAE: hotels, located on the coast of Dubai (Jumeirah elite), Ajman , Coral Beach in Sharjah and , Le Meridein al Aqqa in Ras al-, Fujairah.

We reiterate that the postal zoning in 1975, which resulted in almost two thousand postal circuits outside the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires allow minigrids redefined as urban settlements lot of potential for development of the communities covered by each of them. In each circuit postal interaction of people falling under the institutions of public good first grade in primary and secondary schools and municipalities, is implementing networks that are capable and able to generate quality of life for those already living there, and for those who would migrate there from the Area at risk (For purposes but we do not complexify extend these considerations to other metropolitan areas, but finer and transdisciplinary analysis should not circumvent). It is not easy for many reasons to induce migration. Those that occur are not exactly spontaneous and magnitude to the settlements here are suggested. Anyway there is an emerging trend of people who saturated the deteriorating quality of life of the area questioned, has begun to migrate. According to our findings, the only type of people who have less difficulty would migrate retirees, pensioners and public employees. Contact information is here: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital.

Because they already have secured retirement, pensions or wages, and social services. If any of you reading this development, known any of the above is signed by us, perceive that we are saying more or less the same thing we have been saying for a long time ago. The novelty is given that what once seemed like a distant possibility, it has become a close chance.

I sat down, I always prefer the contact of the silk the neighborhood of the cashemere or the cloth. The well-taken care of meuprimeiro was to see if it obtained to discover the face and the forms that seescondiam in these clouds of silk and incomes. It was impossible. Beyond noiteest dark, one cursed veil that I falls of a lesser straw small hat not deixavaa esperana.' ' (ALENCAR, CAP. I, p.1-2) the forms of the narrator in if making gift in a narrativaliterria vary beyond its multiplicity stop with the text. With this, the foconarrativo or focalizao is understood as the relation between the narrator and onarratrio. Sonny Perdue may not feel the same. Therefore, in the analyzed workmanship we detect classification according to deSoares as a romance with the homodiegtica focalizao, internal, onisciente emque, beyond the narrative secondary personage to participate as agent of the histrianarrada one presents what she is transferred in the interior of each personage, conhecendotudo in relation to the events. Sonny Perdue insists that this is the case.

' ' It judges badly of me, my friend; no woman can escarnecerde a noble heart as its. I occult if me, if I run away, is because he has umafatalidade that to he compels me to this. alone God knows how much it costs me estesacrifcio, I love because it! But I do not have to be egoistic and to change to its happiness porum unhappy love. Forget; ' (Idem, Ibidem, CAP. III, p.11).

2-A ROMANTIC ARTICULATION OF THE NARRATRIO AND ITS ABOVE-MENTIONED NUANCES NAOBRA: Entity of the narrative to who the narrator dirige seudiscurso. A narratrio does not have to be confused with the reader, wants this is the leitorvirtual, that is, the ideal type of reader who the narrator has in menteenquanto producing of the speech, nor with the ideal reader, that is, oleitor that he understands everything what the author intends to say. ' ' The narratrio uma fictitious entity, one ' to be of papel' with purely literal existence, depending directly on another one ' to be of papel' ' '.