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It can be affirmed that culture is social party to suit therefore has bond with all the aspects of the social life, and is part of the historical construction of a society. It is the result of the social fights for a better destination, against the inaquality. The concerns in if studying and appraising culture are constant in the dominant civilizations, and the culture in is in constant transformation and perfectioning, growing in unit with the society.

The culture is the dimension of society that engloba all the knowledge in an ample direction and the form to express this knowledge. III.A CULTURE IN OUR SOCIETY One of the characteristics of the society of today is the great internal diversity, therefore the population if locates in different ways in the production way. It has the classroom detainer of the wealth, and also the laboring, diligent classroom. This division if of the one by means of the social classrooms, that possess forms of living distinct. However, exactly inside of one same social classroom, has diversity, therefore nor everybody lives the same of skill, a time that exists difference of incomes, priorities, values, region of the country, etc. the concern is as to deal inside with the cultural dimension of our proper society. Already it is known that inside of the Brazilian society diverse cultural groups exist, but exist some that if sobressaem for dealing with characteristics of the national culture, that is, can be said that they are sovereign.

It was a social and definitive incumbency, generally made without great feelings of opposition. The agricultural providence aged and invalid came to bring then a function of social protection of extreme idea of modernity, that discloses one essential importance to a country where the democracy exists. It allows inside of the family, the valuation of the aged one, that, with the income of the retirement, it obtains a preservation accomplishes in the command of the familiar expenditures, in an inverted social paper of what was always, passing of attended who gives assistance to the members of the family. As they evidence Thin; Cardoso, (1998, P. 21): The change of the precarious assistencial regimen of the Funrural (1971) for the special regimen of the agricultural providence, implemented from 1992 on the basis of the principles of social security of the Constitution of 1988, brought aged significant advances of social protection to and the invalid ones of agricultural way e, particularly, to the half-excluded women it Funrural for the legal criterion of exclusive support to the head of the family.

Parallel to the positive innovations of the agricultural previdencirio system, questions had also appeared of financial order. Of this point of view, the new previdencirio financial comprometimento of these retirements was the main one, extending the gap of the Providence. It had then a change in the mentality of rigorously familiar protection to aged of the agricultural zone, that existed in the decades of 40 and 50, when the protection of the State was practically null, to place it as beneficiary of one reconhecedora social politics of the right of aged and the access to the retirement, of independent form of the tax-paying ability to the system of social welfare. In years 70, proclaiming the social equality, for the military dictatorship, the fragile assistencial regimen prevailed of Funrural, whose values of the agricultural retirement were below of the subsistence necessities, that is the value age of half minimum wage as retirement ceiling.

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To the owner of the promise the aosparticipantes provisions of the feeding of the brotherhood and to the guests fits. The Assay is become fullfilled of the following form: in the marked day, noincio of the night, the danantes in six number the eight pairs, are congregated and voentoando conjuncts until the house of the owner of the promise or to the place chosen for this. dances happen of putting of the sun to the dawn, normally of the 18 to the 6horas, therefore, according to verbal tradition, the blacks did not have authorization to dance during odia. In the front, of cortejo he goes one of the men with a drum (foto7) and another one with a pandeiro. The manager takes in the hands the guides or reco-recos, bamboo small stick species that is beaten one against the other producing umsom typical. Thus, dancing and touching they arrive at the house of the owner of the promise. The owner of the house, that waits the danantes together with the family (photo 8), has in the hands a lighted candle.

In this hour its wife has permission to departicipar of the procession, being led the box of almses in the hands. The soconvidados danantes to enter, what they make entoando songs, beating drum and tocandopandeiro and guides. The Saint, that is taken by one of the women, is then colocadaem an armed altar in a table in prominence place. The owner of the promise convidaas people for the prayer, the children participates of the conjuncts (photo 9). For the half night it is hour of tero, when the members grupoaproveitam of it to rest and supper. Tero today is praid by the women, masantigamente who praid was the manager of the Brotherhood. This conjunct and the dances continue the night all (photo 10) e, to each hour and stocking rests per fifteen minutes.

The film starts with a great glacier layer in Antarctica being divided to the way causing an immense accident in the glacier. The climatologista alert Jack to the governing on an ambient catastrophe, of approximately 100 years, but it is not heard. In the esccia in the center of climatic research buoy 4311 detects a temperature of 13 degrees plus them believes that only it was a defect. The catastrophes had started to cause: sleet, hurricanes and much snow. When the son of Jack that if calls Sam had fond of the New York with its friends for the pertaining to school competition already gave itself to notice that the animals already felt the future catastrophe. Jack in its house the night received a linking from professor Tony Rapson who says that one of the buoys suffered a temperature from 13 degrees and it affirms that they had found that it was a defect and Jack says that it did not find that he would happen so early. In Los Angeles it starts to appear a series of become forts after that destroy building houses automobiles and until the signboard of Hollywood. Jack affirms that the melting of calotas polar adds to an enormous amount of water candy in the oceans and breaches the balance of the chains that stabilize the climatic systems, it also says that these catastrophes go to get worse.

In New York gigantic waves they imundam the city the majority of the citizens try to take refuge itself for the library for better survival. It is not something Carrier would like to discuss. After much time of catastrophes the population runs away for the south to move away from the grating layer all from snow covering the hemisphere north. Jack leaves in search of the son but it distrusts of that Sam would not have survived, when arrives if almost all cover for the snow scares when seeing the library. It enters in the library and is with great relief that finds its son alive, although to have died thousand of people. After to know that they had found a group of survivors the president of U.S.A. announces that it will order to rescue all the survivors of the hemisphere north. ' ' The film shows the global heating provoking the cooling global' '.

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So, you decided to start your own site. To begin to define how the basic requirements must meet our website at: 1.Sayt must look stylish, modern, succinct (or vice versa stridently, on request). Nice design and easy navigation to have a careful unhurried viewing of content. 2.Sayt must be located by search engines (Yandex, Rambler, etc.). It is necessary that your potential customers could not easy to find your site on the key demands and become familiar with the services that you offer.

This is realized by using search engine optimization and promotion. The question arises: Who will do it to me? Where to order the creation of site? Now there are many proposals of this kind. Of them can be identified: 1.znakomye; 2. freelancers; 3. web-design. Who would trust such an important matter? Let us examine one by one. Acquaintances.

Maybe someone from your colleagues or friends have ever written site on someone else's request (neighbor asked to make a website for his shop fishing equipment), perhaps he is even ready to do it for free. But do not be deluded in such a proposal. To create a truly high-quality site, you need knowledge in many areas (design, coding, web-programming, search engine optimization), which are rarely found in one person. Perhaps the site will coded correctly, but the design to get it repulsive. In any case, a person must engage in creating websites for years, so we could speak of his professionalism. Option Two. Exchange freelancers. In now created a lot of services that provide services to remote workers. For many of them such work is the main income. And you can meet real professionals: talented designers, web-programmers, experienced optimizers. And you can come and ambitious beginners who want to quickly hit the jackpot. In any case, to create a site need a whole team of professionals. And it is desirable that this was a single cohesive team that one did not have to redo the other. This will ensure maximum results. We therefore consider the last option – web-design studio. This is a team of professionals with their experience. This site is a comprehensive product. And the cost can go even cheaper than pay for work of each professional freelance separately. It only remains to choose the artist.

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Such paints can be divided into two groups. To one group paints with special properties. For example, can store light and emit it in the dark or alter the color saturation, depending on the angle and light intensity. This is quite possible to include tile paint. The second group of colors with a special structure which allows the use of special tools. When using paints of different colors, they do not mixed with one another.

A decorative effect is obtained by using spatulas and rollers of various shapes forming on the surface of the original picture. Mosaic is a plaster suspension tiny droplets, which differ in color from the base solution. If you have read about Carrier already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Wall paint can be two-color or Multicolor, which includes in its membership drop of several colors. For the application of the mosaic in most ink cases requires gun. In the process of spraying droplets are broken down into the wall, forming different-sized colored blotches. The resulting image, depending on the color scheme of the mosaic color, can resemble marble surface, granite grit or texture of cork covering.

Often, the colors painted surface reproduces the effect of suede or velvet. It should be remembered that the choice of tiled paint, but thorough surface preparation, you will be selecting the soil, combined with the color of the base color mosaic of paint. Usually tile paint are highly resistant to abrasion and washing, which makes them suitable for use in areas with high traffic. However, more attention should be taken to a matte tile paint as on the general properties of matte paint less resistant to wear, and it is better to use for painting living room or bedroom. Paint the first group (with the effects of "the manufacturer") is very accurately reproduce the texture of natural materials and create optical illusions. Typically, the structure of such coatings include hard particles of different colors that make up a single tone. The chaotic distribution of fine particles on the surface and creates a unique color perception. For example, paint for Slate (recommended for registration premises with a large area, such as halls, foyers). The painted surface changes color depending on the angle of view and creates the illusion of a soft radiance, flowing over the surface haze, bizarre and ever-changing. Paints the second group (in this case, all the effects – the case of your hands and imagination) include in its membership a special supplement, slow-drying. Special devices – braces spatulas, brushes, rollers shaggy, suede, plastic film and even a simple crumpled paper – help dobitsya original patterns. Technology is as follows: on the painted and completely dry surface layer of paint is applied to another (combining) color. Then, wet colorful layer in different directions rolled bead, wrapped suede patches. Even easier – pressed to the wet surface of a crumpled paper ball or suede. Figure formed by abrasion tool top paint layer. But to get a picture "of wood fibers," requires skill. Shaped spatula-like razor blades, requires precise hand movements. What difficulties may arise when using this paint? Experts recommend to apply a second coat of paint on a small area – about 1 m2. After completion of processing color next square meter, etc. With this technology too much enthusiasm or inattention can lead to the appearance of working joints, that is, the boundaries between the painted areas.

It is not basic question, but of form. A scholastic library can be the depositaria of an incredible and numerous book bottom and other materials of information, but he is not able to find the form that these contents are appreciated, valued and used correctly by the students of the center, the library will not be right to be. Clubs of reading, contests, contests and other projects or developed activities in the surroundings of the library can obtain that this one becomes one of the best formative resources of an educative center.The library of the school " Jose Garci’a Fernndez" of Luarca (Asturias) he flattered past Christmas to the parents of the students with extraordinary gift: a guide of recommended readings in order to harness the book gift in the festival of the Kings. (Source: Carrier). On the other hand, the students of another educative center of Valladolid, whenever they finish the reading of a book of the scholastic library, fill up a brief card with their impression and a commentary by means of which they recommend the reading of the same, animating in this way to other readers. These, and other activities and innovating projects developed by the scholastic libraries of educative centers of our country, receive every year their recognition through the prizes that are granted in the National Contest of good practices for invigoration and innovation of the scholastic libraries that the Ministry of Education summons.And it is that it is fundamental that the educative centers reinforce the paper that represents the scholastic library in its dynamics of education-learning, transforming it of mere book container for loan and reading into an effective educative tool like the classroom. The same Statutory law of Educacin (LOE) recognizes the importance that is due to grant to him to these spaces, contemplating within the fundamental aims of the education " the high-priority attention that will be lent to the use of the scholastic libraries like factors that favor the quality of enseanza".

We must bear in mind that we are responsible for how are our interpersonal relationships. Logically that there are external factors that influence the quality of our relationships with other people but we must be aware that we do with our character and attitude that those relationships are favourable. All our actions must bear in mind that essential legacy we have inherited from our Western Christian culture which has been called the golden rule of human coexistence: do to others what you want us to do and not do to others what we would not like that they make us. It is very important that at all times we recognise and appreciate the dignity of the other person and to treat it well we will get a good deal in reciprocity and thus our relationship will be beneficial to both. Also bearing in mind that we must give more and expect less. To have good relations must persist in being kind in dealing with other people, not expecting anything in return and do not allow what you say or do the other person affects us. We are those who have control over our attitude and our reactions. Of course, this is easier said that doing so but we have to be aware which depends only on us relationships with other people to be effective and mutually beneficial.

100% Of the responsibility is ours. Logically, there are certain circumstances (which hopefully are minimal) when described above does not work or does not apply. Was I could cite, as an example, when the other person’s behavior is intolerable such as acts against the ethics or morality. Depending on the situation, in certain cases, it would be better not to have relations with that person because of its toxic effects. Friendship is one of the relationships that we foster and encourage. Friendship is pure and selfless, personal affection shared with another person, who is born and strengthens with the treatment. Friendship, that occurs at different stages of life, is one of the most common interpersonal relationships we have.

Friendship is born when you have something in common with another person. One of the most beautiful relations of friendship is with those with those who have shared is time and experiences during the school years, the years of academic or professional training in any Institute or centre of learning, in some work in particular or when carried out something that is common to both. Many times they may have spent many years between one meeting and another, but when the occasion presents itself immediately rekindles that noble sentiment. Now, thanks to the great advances in Internet it is possible to resume contact with friends no matter where they are and the Exchange is very fast. Friendship is a value that we must care for and since it is very important for our development, our stability as well as to improve our society. True friendship is a selfless relationship where there is trust, mutual respect, generosity, loyalty, sincerity, loyalty, understanding, honesty and affection which are values that allow us to autorrealizarnos, to develop our potential, to live life to the fullest and be happy. In summary, the relationships we have and We maintain with other people are crucial for the success and happiness.

Sale of shares in the company change the owner of the company – a situation which appears in today's business very often. Of the sale of shares in the share capital of the Company fairly easy way to change the owner of the company or enterprise. This is because to sell, say, a company can not just as a property complex, transferring all its assets under a contract of sale, but also through the change of ownership of the enterprise as a legal entity. Please note that from 01 July 2009 due to changes in the Civil Code contracts for sale of a share company to be certified by a notary. The most common scenario – a company more than one founder. Some of the founders intend to to sell their shares outsider (not a founder) to a citizen, in fact, selling part of the company. If the other founders are not against the sale of shares to a third party like it's going on? In fact, in accordance with paragraph 4 Article 21 of the Federal Law 'On Limited Liability Companies "and paragraph 2 of Article 93 of the Civil Code, the parties have the right of Company to purchase a share or shares of the parent company at the offer price another person or to another pre-set by the Company's charter price.

However, if the remaining founders do not have anything against the sale of these shares, significant problems can not be. Sale of equity stake, Ltd. steps: It should really realize that the procedure for the alienation of shares in the company – a multi-step process, which has a number of issues that must be considered. Key details of these: 1. You can only alienate the already fully paid for the share 2. in the text of the Articles of Association can not be any prohibitions or restrictions on the sale of shares to third parties 3. must be fully complied with the preemptive right to purchase shares of the Company by other parties or by the Company 4.

deal, aimed at the alienation of shares or of the share capital of the Company is required to notarization. Violation of the notarial form of the transaction leads to its invalidity; 5. When the seller is an individual who shares required notarial confirmation of consent muzhazheny seller to sell shares 6. in cases where the seller or buyer advocates share organization must be approved by purchase and sale of shares by the general meeting / board authorized persons seller or buyer if the purchase and sale of the share's definition of a big deal or transaction in an interested party, 7. sometimes require the approval of the sale shares in the relevant antitrust authority. Thus, sales of share of company, though the procedure requires the understanding and full implementation all the rules of law in this area, but it is doable if all necessary conditions.

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The political Marketing, then is the instrument by which organizations partisan and social may establish more accurately the wishes and aspirations of the citizens. This is responsible for all the systematic and continuous process of the candidate, leader or political party. It should be noted that the political marketing is subdivided into governmental and electoral marketing. The first in the service of social causes promoted by government agencies or private; While the second at the service of political parties and candidates. In both cases to identify needs, sell ideas-simbolos and persuade people to change or reinforce their attitudes. Marketing is more than just a set of tactics and media operations.

It is a set of techniques of research, management and planning dissemination that are used in the design and execution of strategic and tactical actions throughout an election campaign. We can deduce therefore that political marketing forces that needs, aspirations of citizens, have very clear so that campaigns should motivate them to identify the actions that are intended to carry out, to be accepted, to be assured of its approval, knowing grasp the needs of the electoral marketplace to build an ideological, know program based on those needs, influence and motivate citizens to identify themselves with who guarantees them satisfaction of needs, this last aspect that we can apply with the use of market research that will really bring what needs. The research will allow to determine demographic, socio-economic characteristics, habits, attitudes and behavior of the public, who think the candidate or political party and its competition, aspirations and needs are, whom or who have influence on them and as they make their voting decisions. Also you must know the environment data from the economic, political and social factors that can influence the environment, where the political organization or candidate is this play; should likewise be taken into It has competition, information with respect to the other political groups or candidates and the activities that they play. Specifically, it allows to know the public opinion which is not more than general approval status, reflects, expresses and configures the climate of general thinking. Precisely, plans, programs that promote the good use of a political marketing scope can be developed with that information.