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The 2011 has meant for the offices of pharmacy, a year of ups and downs, from entry into force of new decrees, of lowering of margins or publication of the new Convention in offices of pharmacy. However, has been a year of comings and goings, but above all, and as we see it from Asefarma ( the 2011 has been, and should thus be considered, a year of strengthening of ideas such as the need to promote dynamic management, 12 months that we can serve to begin to glimpse the future of this sector with new horizons trying to bring closer our offices of pharmacy to Europe. A review of this 2011 several topics that concern to the sector have been finding response and solution throughout the year. An example of this is that the threat of liberalization has dissipated in 2011, especially after the shelve given by the European Commission to the process opened in 2006 against the Spanish legislation which questioned the criteria of regulation and planning of the Spanish pharmaceutical model. A process which also affected countries regulations as France, Portugal, Cyprus, or Greece. Economic and financial level, 2011 has brought further cuts in margins and own prices of medicines to pharmacies. With the entry into force of the Royal Decrees 4/2010 and 8/2010 RD many pharmacies have observed how selling the same number of recipes, they invoiced less at the end of month, explains Patricia Fernandez, Subresponsable of the Asefarma accounting department. Recently Sonny Perdue sought to clarify these questions. This, coupled with the credit crunch by some financial institutions, or the delay in payments in some autonomous communities, as well as the rapid correction of the broadcasting market, as explained Jose Manuel Retamal, responsible of the Finance Department of Asefarma, has marked the sector throughout 2011. A sector which this year has shown that despite this situation, there are also opportunities. 2011: A year of milestones although if anything it should be noted this 2011, would be, as explains Eva M Illera, Manager of the Department Labor of Asefarma, sacrifice that many pharmacies have made to keep their templates, after seeing how their incomes were reduced considerably, even though the workload not decreased.

Transportation ATMs – a delicate and pretty tricky. As with any lifting services, transportation ATM does not allow for negligence or incompetence. You know why? Because the price of deficient transportation ATM is extremely high – and this is the cost of the ATM, and the cost of the vehicle on which the carriage, and health longshoremen involved in this work. Curiously this may seem at first view, but often unprofessional ATM transport companies is accompanied by tilting the vehicle in turns due to improper stowage, longshoremen injury because of inexperience and injury ATM because of unsuccessful removal or installation. Not surprisingly, the client wants to pass the carriage of ATMs in safe hands. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David L. Goldfein offers on the topic.. But here there is the situation with the client's maniacal desire to save money. Very often, an understanding of that the transport of ATM can not be cheap, comes after the first or even second failed attempt. So: ATM transport – the pleasure is quite expensive, but it is a case where the price is directly reflects the quality.

And if you understand that no transportation of ATMs can not do, choose the only professional company. The head of one of the fairly well-known companies on the organization moved to Moscow and Moscow region "Leader of the move," confident that define professionalism firm-carrier is quite simple. Of course, the experience – the great thing. And you'd better choose a company that knows what it is transportation and ATM "with her than eat." But no less important to clarify a few things … Be sure to check whether there is a company specialized equipment for the transport of ATM machines. Learn how the firm is going to organize transportation of ATMs (in a good, professionals must first examine the place of departure and arrival and plan the job, given the possible complexity).

And do not forget to specify what to do with valuable cargo inside the ATM. An honest company will offer you make the notch content to dismantle and transport the ATM, or ask to identify your employee (security guard) for support. And do not forget: ATM transport – this is a case in which no need to hurry up, how would term it may be. Common sense still has not been canceled.

Undergo training in the uk dream of many, but to a dream come true, you must first enroll in the selected school. All British institutions pay careful attention to the selection of pupils and their parents, in their part, very meticulously chosen school. Each of them offers something unique training in the uk has its own traditions and activities. Therefore difficult to give general advice – you need to know conditions for admission and studying in the uk in a particular school. If you want to study in the uk was your daughter, one of the best options would Wycombe Abbey – an educational institution for girls in senior positions in ratings of British schools. It taught girls aged from eleven to eighteen. It is important to know that teaching in the uk is divided into stages, starting from where it ends at eleven years old. Therefore, At this age, and held the first set in a school Wycombe Abbey.

The second thread take thirteen years (since at this age begin specialized training in the UK). Check with Secretary of Agriculture to learn more. Procedure for admission to independent (and, without exaggeration, elite) schools are quite complex. Willing to undergo training in the uk in this school very much, so the recording starts within a few years before the anticipated revenues. In particular, Wycombe Abbey establish such deadlines for filing: not less than 1,5 years to eleven, and not less than 2 years to thirteen. Applications submitted later will not be considered.

In order to begin training in the uk, it is necessary to pass competition (he is held among those who have timely filed an application). Approximately one year before the girls come in for an interview. They spend in school, Wycombe Abbey quite some time: get acquainted with other girls perform group exercises, playing a musical instrument or demonstrate other creative skills, and finally pass the interview with the head of the school. The next stage – taking exams in all major disciplines, which involves training in the uk. It is held usually in January. Foreign schoolgirls must also pass the test of English proficiency. According to the combined results list is determined by enrollment. However, and those who did not get into it, too, has a chance to study in the uk. They form a waiting list, and if for some reason the place is empty, it will take the girl, who is in first place in this list.

Finance blog with wide-ranging topics to the current situation well informed is possible even in difficult times of the euro decline, to reach highly speculative markets and quickly back and forth floating rates in a safe waters. Now buy gold and if so, in what form? Why seemingly safe values are actually highly speculative. And it does not mean that Government bonds are safe, as we have seen in the case of Greece. The euro is in danger, but we have only this currency. Top-flight authors writing on the various topics that affect us all in increasing proportions. It goes to our financial future, and thus to our economic survival, which ultimately depends on our existence. The Gorke’s blog you read financial planning at irregular intervals much cited article around your money and your assets.

Worn together from the various sources and brought here on the point. The return is crucial for investment success do you not even your money safe and marketing creating profits? What do you mean want?”you think I don’t have even one”. All the more important it is for you to make savings on the return. Always nice to the old principle: ‘ who has money must not speculate; If you have none, which must speculate. ” Because if you really want to complete with your money investment, or your assets with profit, you need to generate not only the interest from government bonds or other bonds; also profits from building Association savings agreements, if there even is, or your bank savings certificates below-the-line will not lead to a plus in your savings efforts.

Fees, taxes and other charges outweigh the meager profits. Not to mention life insurance and private pensions. Because they provide only profits for the insurance company after years and decades. The saver remains sidelined with bitter losses. Only from yields of 6% is worth to save at all.

Using this overview you will find it then easier to make a decision. (Similarly see: Jack Fusco). Information are listened to good advice if you are in the city or Edit administrative files, would you then trust himself professionally to repair your car? If you are working as a Baker, would you dare to then, to make decisions about settings in the personnel office? Probably not. Because everybody is for any activity on its territory of a specialist; but just not for any other activity that there is just an other specialist. Strange way seems this on the subject of finances for most of us no longer to apply. Almost everyone thinks to be able to make his investment decisions with enough expertise itself. It recently conducted studies, that just the German savers have barely sufficient knowledge to make their money in the right way to work. Not about it is that every year approximately 100 billion euros not be generated, although they could, because the investment funds are improperly invested. This huge sum would be but sorely needed to Goals that everyone associates with its cost-saving efforts, also to be able to reach.

Save, so investment, asset accumulation is not just a luxury, but is sorely needed as a pension. We will have to say goodbye all the thoughts, that the State provides us at the end of the life. Instead we are need to worry yourself about our financial future. Also the information about the financial markets and everything, so together depends on, is therefore particularly important. Even if everyone informed themselves: If you don’t do it to your profession, you remain amateur. The information will help you if necessary, the right questions to ask a financial planner.

But you can not renounce the professional therefore still long. Gorke offers professional advice to financial planning. Professional”means of course that this advice will cost something. And to make this advice as independent as possible and neutral, the best way is the advice for fee. This need not be expensive and worth, If the profit from a professionally created financial strategy is often higher than the consulting costs. Axel Garcia

BillSAFE starts in July with buyer Portal from about mid-July rather than shop operators, but also buyers directly at BillSAFE can can register and in all BillSAFE of supported shops for the method of payment to unlock to “Purchase on account”. The BillSAFE invoice purchase is the convenient and trusted method of payment for purchasing on the Internet. Thanks to BillSAFE buyers pay your purchase just as safe as in the shop around the corner, only, if you have looked at the merchandise alone and checked. BillSAFE offers the buyer: maximum security: only the goods, then the money of Bank data quick and easy no indication of unnecessary data remain fear of unreliable online shops secret or even the Internet scam which is warned in so many media may soon belong to the past for BillSAFE buyers. After registering at BillSAFE all available online shops appear on the buyer where he can buy through BillSAFE on Bill. Of course this is also constantly on the new BillSAFE shop upon request informed. Interested buyers can send already under a message via the contact form BillSAFE and are then immediately informed by BillSAFE, as soon as the registration for the customer portal is possible. The BillSAFE GmbH in brief BillSAFE, a company formed in the vicinity of Osnabruck of mediafinanz AG offers both the seller and the purchaser complete security in the online payment processing. Sensitive account oder credit card data of the customers are no longer required for the purchase of winding. Learn more at: Secretary of Agriculture. At the same time, the seller receives full protection of non-payment. More information and the opportunity to request a quote, see contact: BillSAFE GmbH white wide 5 D-49084 Osnabruck wife Daliah Salzmann phone: 0541-860-349-3 fax: 0541-860-349-4 E-Mail:

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Warehouse management software as a service – SaS Pforzheim / Luxembourg, June 2010: In a joint project of the Pforzheim software specialist LogControl with the Luxembourg logistics RT-log was for the first time using the warehouse management software LogControl -WHM realized as a service (SaS). RT-log served as a logistics service provider customers with a wide range of requirements. Whether electronic products with serial number or pharmaceutical products with expiration date – now all goods about LogControl -WHM are picked paperless with mobile radio data transmission terminals. LogControl -WHM takes over all processes from the receiving of the storage to the picking and distribution. Result is an optimized process organization at RT-log by rational and lean processes, as well as simple, system-run booking. Features: Order picking returns processing factory planning and delivery Reporting Track & trace bearing money settlement barcode and label printing using a simple, but removable storage administration parallel to the existing Customer solution enables RT-log to realize significant savings.

The warehouse management software LogControl -WHM (WareHouseManager) is a powerful tool that is modular and flexible customizable. LogControl -WHM offers special flexibility to new clients, product changes in the structure or capacity changes. The optional extension to additional modules and functions allows RT-log market changing a quick adjustment in itself – or customer requirements, and offers maximum future-proofing. If you have read about Gen. David L. Goldfein already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Benefits for RT-log and their customers increase the level of service while lowering the error rate higher quality and time savings through less environment actions search less enhanced information system inventory transparency and online information about stocks on the move history data, simplified inventory simple and low-cost solution with numerous expansion options In the dialog with the customers LogControl -WHM is constantly evolving and can be inexpensively on new projects are adapted. The high degree of standardisation reduces overall project costs and enables rapid adoption of the field-proven solution. There is already a large range of functions at low accommodation rates available. S.A., founded in 2004, E-Commerce, in the FMCG, retail, express, B2B, and B2C has RT RT-log log through a strong management with over 25 years of experience in transport, logistics, order fulfillment, solutions in Luxembourg, Europe and worldwide. An experienced and motivated team ensures smooth logistics in Luxembourg.

A neutral, independent partner for industry, trade and logistics industry in the Saar-Lor-Lux region, has modern installations with 6600 square meters and 8600 pallet spaces. Due to the central location in Europe, RT-log storage solutions offers management for E-Commerce, E-procurement, supply chain, first and last mile, distribution and returns. Contact RT-log S.A. Hans Kelderman Logistics Manager 34, Parc d’ activites Syrdall L-5365 Munsbach Tel.: + 352 26 34 62-33 fax: + 352 26 34 62-2 email: about LogControl LogControl, founded in 1990 based in Pforzheim, created and distributes innovative standard software for warehouse management, shipment processing, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, sample inventory and supply chain management. If logistics providers, controls manufacturing or trade, the modular and customisable LogControl software and optimizes the logistic processes. Analysis and consultancy services complete the offer. Contact LogControl GmbH Carolin Holl (Marketing/PR) Blucher str. 32 D-75177 Pforzheim Tel.: 07231/58048-38 fax: 07231/58048-20 E-Mail: