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Modern manufacturers of sports equipment designed tent that differ in shape and design features, depending on which use different installation methods. Learn more on the subject from Sonny Perdue. Everyone knows that the more expensive product, the more time was spent on its development, it uses expensive ergonomic accessories, such models of tents easily able to install even beginners tourism. During the installation process tents special emphasis on comfort and quality of fasteners located at the sites. To sum up, it can be argued that the tent is a piece of canvas or other fabric attached to the pillars of a different elasticity and ease. During the installation of a tent-shaped dome to a fellow bow-shaped support and join them awning fabric. Raw materials for the manufacture of bearings tents may vary, expensive models are used aluminum alloys, and cheap – fiberglass. Also, fasteners tents may differ in different models, ranging from hooks, Velcro, zavyazok and ending legs, which are passed through the pockets, sewn on the tent.

Tunnel tents are determined by analogy with the dome models. To this end, the arched supports are exposed to a certain distance from each other, then they fixed awning fabric. These types of Tents can be quickly and easily, but they have a significant drawback: the need to wear a support. To set the standard tent tents do not have to be in possession of factory support, because they can make on a place, finding the poles of the tree and adjust the length. Spacers laces tents should be attached to special pegs. After that begins a complex and time-consuming work to install the tent. If you can not save on product cost, it is recommended to buy a tent with a durable, waterproof bottom, which allows installation in any location. Tent with a sturdy bottom will be the best solution for expeditions to the wetland areas or holiday by the sea or lake strewn with small, sharp stones.