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The flowers are an element that can give a beautiful look to any environment, by the great variety of its colours, its delicate aromas, among many other qualities that make them simply divine, is both the immense value that is in the flowers that they have become an element of the trade, which is passed to the topic which will be discussed in the text, the sale of flowers. The sale of flowers has become a key point for the economy of some people, that may be experts in the sale of flowers, very knowledgeable on the subject of flowers that has a vocation for flowers or who simply found in the world of the sale of the flowers because they see easy to sell so the sale of flowers for quines they have knowledge about these, usually working in florists or nurseries performing the task of selling flowers in a very formal and institutional way, its work can say is simple since they reach them customers who want to buy flowers, whether the sale of flower consists of floral arrangements that are usually to give as gifts to another person or to decorate any sector of the home that will give you a natural and very beautiful touch, another of the possible situations in which the sale of flowers, can be is concurs when a big event that may lead to the attendance of a significant number of people, among the events that lead to a big sale of flowers are marriages, in these situations as an event so special for the paraja is adorned all over the place where will be the wedding with beautiful floral arrangements that make a room feel more pleasant by the great beauty that displayed large floral arrangements, another event which involves the sale of flowers is when a woman goes to the age of fifteen.

Since in this special date always it is customary to give a beautiful and large floral embellishment to the quinceanera, plus is a party where is decorated the place with beautiful flowers that represent the beauty and purity of the woman, but the sales of flowers are not only linked to the accomplishment of events, also the situation of the sale of flowers gives much, as a matter of taste or liking a person feels on the other, in which we want to have a cute detail with the person, may also be the case that attend any special date such as a birthday, an anniversary, the day of love and friendship, among other special dates. Regarding the sale of flowers in a more informal way, by those who simply see the possibility of getting money through the sale of flowers and do not have any knowledge or vocation, can say that their work is a little more uncomfortable, because that it is in the street offering flowers, people usually perform this activity when occur special dates of great acceptanceas mother’s day, women’s day among others. So the flowers for her immense beauty are already part of the commercial chain and the sale of flowers are a means of subsistence and monetary acquisition for many people.