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Surely you’re thinking this may not be true. It carries life asking for happiness, money, freedom and everything that has been achieved is to feel prisoner, sad and without much money to fulfill their desires is so? As well, we will take a look closer at how the process of creating and how does our subconscious mind, because it’s the same thing. Everything that exists has been previously created in the mind of someone. Everything starts with a thought. A thought is energy. The energy you want to manifestartse itself.

Many thoughts in the same direction will achieve, this is something safe, any manifestation in the real world. This is the process of creation. All have been created under the same process. We use it all the time without even realizing it. When we are not aware, we are as a large part of the people and use this power to create a negative life. We have negative thoughts and produce negative results. Once we learn how to create positive thoughts, we began to get positive results in our lives. How you achieve this? Our subconscious is like our planet.

It does not interfere in what they sow. The planet does not say because I’m tired of so many carrots. Always the same thing. Now I will make squash!, the planet doesn’t say: Bah, I do not like red flowers, I will transform these roses in blue planet does not interfere. He is patient, works silently and give us exactly what we sow. And we know it! We know perfectly well that we sow. When we plant yellow flowers, we don’t expect that they flower red. When we plant roses in our garden, we do not expect to harvest onions in the spring. And yet knowing this, this is how we act in real life. Planted onions and hope rose.