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Finance blog with wide-ranging topics to the current situation well informed is possible even in difficult times of the euro decline, to reach highly speculative markets and quickly back and forth floating rates in a safe waters. Now buy gold and if so, in what form? Why seemingly safe values are actually highly speculative. And it does not mean that Government bonds are safe, as we have seen in the case of Greece. The euro is in danger, but we have only this currency. Top-flight authors writing on the various topics that affect us all in increasing proportions. It goes to our financial future, and thus to our economic survival, which ultimately depends on our existence. The Gorke’s blog you read financial planning at irregular intervals much cited article around your money and your assets.

Worn together from the various sources and brought here on the point. The return is crucial for investment success do you not even your money safe and marketing creating profits? What do you mean want?”you think I don’t have even one”. All the more important it is for you to make savings on the return. Always nice to the old principle: ‘ who has money must not speculate; If you have none, which must speculate. ” Because if you really want to complete with your money investment, or your assets with profit, you need to generate not only the interest from government bonds or other bonds; also profits from building Association savings agreements, if there even is, or your bank savings certificates below-the-line will not lead to a plus in your savings efforts.

Fees, taxes and other charges outweigh the meager profits. Not to mention life insurance and private pensions. Because they provide only profits for the insurance company after years and decades. The saver remains sidelined with bitter losses. Only from yields of 6% is worth to save at all.