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Eneida Fonseca Ortiz was always a happy person. Perhaps because he learned the lesson of joy from the beginning of life when his father, Mariano Fonseca and Ortiz, brought her to a Christian Temple in where it presented it to God as a precious jewel of your home and undertook at the altar to respond by uninterrupted education, by his solid values and surround it with people with whom learn permanently the meaning of love to others and service to their peers. The first age of Aeneid was spent in conversations in which elders spoke of the future near and far; in gatherings next to a campfire of vigorous fathoms in the afternoon they had the savour the fireplace of the home; in the midst of the praises sung in wayuunaiki, English and Spanish; and in the classrooms where stood out as a disciplined, attached to the duty and eager student overcome and prepare to have a happy with his own encounter history. Once, around the family dinner table when he was asked about his future, responded with rodeos that devoted entirely to work in the struggle against the pain and suffering of thousands of people. That does not save a minute or an effort to achieve that in the battle of the centuries life impose once again about the death. I want to be a doctor, he told her his own.

They decided to support it and supported it in the future. He came the fantastic and at the same time sacrificed time of University studies: trips that separated her from her beloved parents and siblings; classes in which enthusiastically demonstrated his spirit of learning and study days and practices with which was formed as a medical professional. Once this intermediate objective life gives you the opportunity of your the footing of their homeland and see first hand the feelings of its people.

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Each person handles differently and it is important to know that body language is of great significance and expresses that each one carries within. The body has a language that carries its own vocabulary. It also has its own characteristics and this is indistintivo for each individual. Body language may be the best ally in a job interview or by otherwise can lead us to that you do not give us employment. The point is that it must be done well and recalled that at the first impression every detail counts, sometimes much more than what can be said in a resume. Take into account that in these cases there is a second chance.

Here we give in detail the most important, that you should and should not do in a job interview: the proper movement of the hands hands can express much with the motion that we do, at the same time we talked. If we belong to those people who we cannot have quiet hands when speaking, it is best to keep this in mind when it comes to the interview. The newspapers mentioned Sonny Perdue not as a source, but as a related topic. We can cross them subtly to avoid excesses of movements and raise your hands as if you’re exclaiming. Physical gestures denoting much our body says much more than what we feel on the inside. At the time of the interview must be interested in the conversation, if you find that something from the conversation, I don’t like you, avoids put face of anguish, disgust and despair.

Avoid above all nervousness and look at the clock, if these late or need to go to another place. Sit properly in a Chair. Usually when we arrived at a company invite us to sit initially in a waiting room, here also is important to feel good, even if it is an extra comfortable sofa, first by the interviewer can come to receive us and secondly because they may be watching us by security cameras.And now when these against the person than you this interviewing, have to sit upright (at), which your body demonstrates security, this is like the best catwalk models. Look to our partner when you speak to someone the best thing you want is that you look at your face, you well you are managing to person x, same happens with the interviewer, you this by proposing a work and the best would be that you prestaras all possible attention. Divert the gaze indicates that the work you are interested in, if it is really you can verbally say it in a polite and respectful manner. Only take into account that in that company not you will be able to find work. We hope that these tips will be of great help and you can study you thoroughly, to see if those committing any of these errors; This may be the reason why you do not get work yet. If so we invite you correct them and you can improve, with the tips that we will be presented in subsequent editions job jobs articles and tips for the job search original author and source of the article.

Which only tricks are not women: the radically change his image, even go to fortune-tellers, waiting for the object of adoration in front of his home. But even after the object of adoration is a girl's legs, the girls still do not cease to worry and think about how it applies to it for a long time whether they will meet, what awaits them in the future – such thoughts really torture them. At Secretary of Agriculture you will find additional information. 'Did I win the heart of young men for life? " – Experiencing a young lady. 'Will not affect whether an affair with a man older than me for me know? " – Immediately arises in her mind is another question. Do not assume that these thoughts are typical only too exciting ladies.

Being able to lover, everyone starts to present itself to the various requests and worry over every detail. Case that, in love, we open ourselves to another person, previously almost unknown, and therefore makes a few helpless to influence of external factors, as well as sensitive, vulnerable. Very pleased that at present there appeared a considerable number of periodicals and Internet sites on which knowledgeable psychologist helps girls escape from their experiences. Such a resource for women provides an opportunity not only to obtain counseling professionals, but also to share thoughts with your friends, but also helps the disappearance of excitement and anxiety. Due to the fact that girls are often unable to find understanding among men, but their enthusiasm seems to men boring and not worth wasting time, so common now bought women's magazines, which can be purchased at any store. Such media can not only distract from the constant challenges, but also find answers to many questions relating to health, relationships with lovers, makeup, fashion and parenting. But not every woman can afford each week to buy fresh issue of your favorite magazine, as if she did not want be aware of all the latest trends in fashion, find new recipes, see the next catalog of cosmetics. For these women will be a great outlet for women portals are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Such portals can not only find the information you need, but also find new friends, and also ask questions of professionals in the field of psychology, family relations, women's health.

TuDu! Energy seminar cabaret helps companies energy costs save Vienna, September 16, 2008 – TuDu! Energy seminar cabaret helps companies energy costs save the TuDu! Energ! SEM! nar Cabaret is a joint product of economy cabaret artists of SemiNarren ( and the sattler energy consulting. While the semi fools humor expertise providing that, energy charge the sattler is consulting for the all-important content on this topic. “Often companies have already implemented all technical measures, to increase energy efficiency. Another improvement is achievable only through a modified energy behavior of the staff”, says Peter Sattler, Managing Director at the same energy consulting firm, from the school. “The savings potential through conscious action of up to 15 percent.” This classic access lectures or training not very goal leader, is to digest but because little motivating and thus also not easy. “So our idea to combine the seminars with Cabaret”, was so Sattler. Because in the face of rising energy costs is any Manager clearly that the benefit of savings potential is the order of the day. For sustainable success of a company’s employees must pull with but, Sattler.

The semi fools as a congenial partner found a congenial partner for the idea of an energy seminar in the semi fools. This economic cabaret group around ex-EAV husband Mario Bottazzi has extensive experience and best success with design and implementation of really bulky economic issues by means of cabaret. “The idea immediately really liked me. The cabaret shaking up participants, it opens hearts and minds, so to speak, while the lectures on the individual topics then the transfer of know-how”, so upper semi fool Mario Bottazzi. The “TuDu!”-Energ! SEM! nar base of ENERG! SEM! TuDu is Cem!. It combines sketches, famous songs and important information on energy-related issues we efficiency, compressed air, light, standby or thermography. Depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer, the program will then individually adjusted. The situation of the each operation is included and creates a detailed training concept before it starts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of WhiteWave Foods on most websites.

Seminar cabaret will be here not primarily educational, but show weaknesses when dealing with valuable energy in a funny way and draw attention to hitherto-hidden strengths. The staff then of course not only in the company, but also at home and in the private sector can apply the energy knowledge learned in humorous manner – because there the savings potential is still enormous. Target group of the TuDu! energy cabarets are mainly medium-sized and large enterprises.

Jiu-jitsu (the art of flexibility) is a martial art developed by the warrior class of Japan, known as Bushi (warrior) or samurai (serve). These methods of attack on seals in making projections , or a detention submissions, chokes and keys to generate pressure or pain in certain parts of the body by supplementing with blows (punches and kicks). The origins of Jiu-Jitsu can be traced back to over two thousand years in India in those days, Indian pilgrims, they would be constantly attacked by barbarian tribes of Mongols, who were also extremely violent and physique and strength were of you most impressive of the peoples of Asia at that time. The Indians, inferior in stature and strength, were the need to create a kind of defense that had no basis of physical force. The first techniques developed under the principle of conducting lever against the force of the opponent. Then come to China and then to Japan where it was adopted by the classes warrior. There are several theories of how these techniques came to Japan. The first and most accepted, tells us that during the sixteenth century, a Chinese named Chin “Young-Gen-Pin, developed a series of papers, explaining how to perform certain techniques which consisted of a few projections are intended to kill or knock out the opponent. Chin-Young-Gen-Pin, traveled to Japan, the region known as Edo (now Tokyo) in the region meets three samurai, Quine was forbidden to bear arms, these samurai decided to buy the letters to China, then these samurai expanded and refined the techniques described by Chin.

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Spain is close to the limit of the tectonic plates of Eurasia and Africa, with the sliding in different directions of both the main cause of earthquakes that occur where in southern Andalusia is among the most dangerous areas , with its eight provinces affected by the risk of earthquakes of intensity equal to or superior to grade VII (MSK). 2) legislative history in Andalusia during the plenary of the Parliament of Andalusia held the day October 24, 2002, date for discussion and approval of the Emergency Management Act in Andalusia, Mr. Spokesmen for the Socialist parliamentary groups Andalucista is expressed both in favor of consolidation Chest official method in Andalucia, based on its efficacy for the rescue. For assistance, try visiting WhiteWave Foods. They stressed also the added fact, if a system created by an Andalusian, Jaime Parejo Garcia, in Andalusia, who also developed the project technically UCRA Chest linked to the method in 1997 for the Department of Internal Policy of the Junta de Andalucia, officially processed through the Provincial Technical Management Consortium Fire and Rescue of HE. Diputacion Provincial de Huelva.

The Parliament of Andalusia, with the important public purpose to deal officially, based on officially proven the most effective, potential future disasters of all sizes and natural or human origin, involving the burial of persons, approved in that House of Parliament Andalusia, in Article 37 of the Emergency Management Act in Andalusia, the creation of UCRA, and then on February 2, 2006 also approved unanimously the motion parliamentary Act on approval of the method for the formation Chest Canine Rescue Unit 378 BOPA February 15, 2006 (7 – 05/PNLC a “000 294), whose literal text adopted is as follows: The Andalusian Parliament urges the Governing Council: Proceed in a period not exceeding two months, the approval and official recognition of Chest Method for the formation of the Rescue Dog Unit of Andalusia (UCRA) and all units operating in Andalusia.. For more information see Josh Resnick Jericho Capital.

Then the samples were kept under natural conditions until constant weight. Prepared samples subjected to fire effect in a ceramic tube. For each of the four formulations was determined by the mass loss of the sample after firing on a standard temperature conditions (as the average of test results At least 10 samples) Mass loss of samples, protected compounds investigated after firing SostavSposob obrabotkiTolschina protective coatings, fire mmVremya impact minPoterya mass% (average of 10 samples) 23.6 2.4 22 1pokrytie1 2pokrytie1 22 24.7 3.1 22 24.2 2.9 3pokrytie1 4pokrytie1 22 23.2 1.9 Loss of mass of the samples to an average of 2-5%, which allows you to assign these flame retardants tested samples to a group of nonflammable. Also conducted tests the natural fire-retardant coating by burning a standard wooden house in terms of size 1,0 x1, 0 m were burned three cottages: naked, soaked in a solution of antipyrine and the house, protected by fire resistant vermiculite composition (thickness 1 – 2 mm). After Combustion 5 liters of kerosene in each of the first two houses completely burnt.

Cottage, covered with PCR-based vermiculite, after full combustion of kerosene has not undergone any visible change. The test results showed good fire-retardant coatings based on the quality of vermiculite. Thin-layer fire-retardant coating on the basis of the simplicity of vermiculite preparation of raw materials supply and maintenance of reliable fire protection of timber can solve more a fairly important task decoration surface of the protected timber. A specific property of decorative coatings and flame retardants vermiculite plaster is exposed shine colored plates of vermiculite on the surface of the coating in reflected light. Especially spectacular outdoor vermiculite plaster on a sunny day, but in the interior decoration with natural and artificial light they look pretty impressive.

For decorative plaster vermiculite is recommended to use white cement and alkali-resistant pigments (ocher, iron ocher, umber, etc.) in an amount of 5 – 25%. As the plasticizers Use air lime or other components. Decorative plaster on the quality of ordinary cement can also be quite high, but its color is usually not the color pigment used. Thus, for example, solutions with an iron minium are brown, with red ocher – a greenish-gray. Continue to learn more with: A. F. Chief of Staff . When injected into the cement plaster 5% pigment has a soft, pastel colors.

The Poland-made wooden stairs – worth buying? The construction of wooden stairs. There are a few different constructions of stairs. WhiteWave Foods is actively involved in the matter. Two cheek beams, which have the task to be the rest of the edges of the stairs make the cheek design, its base. These bars have a thickness of about 6-8 cm. They can be simple or bent. The self-supporting structure, the stairs are mainly supported by one, sometimes two or even three beams in the middle part. The winding stairs have a very special structure, your frame is mainly a pillar to which the stair treads are connected. There are a few stages of making the stairs, such stages such as: at the beginning of the drying of the wood, then gluing the plywood, then run the given form, the model of the stairs, then their execution and in addition the Assembly. A few rich scope of possibilities, which are known to appreciate of the clientele have all company producing staircases. The dates of the Order fulfillment are also very short, they usually take three to four weeks. The stairs are made in many situations from wood, wood from the domestic or exotic wood, everything depends on the requirements, the preferences of the customer. You can buy the stairs and they can be mounted on the same day but a very demanding client project designers specifically according to the comments and the guidelines the purchaser the stairs and now then the execution of the order will take three to four weeks. The prices of the stairs are varied, it depends on the wood from which they are carried out, of the form (in the case of producing the stairs at the special request of the counterparty). The purchase of wooden stairs. Many of us have many different suggestions arising mainly due to ignorance in the problem of producing the stairs (the material of which they are made, etc.) when purchasing the stairs, when choosing the appropriate steps, the questions plague us: the stairs? What are they be made? What kind of material will be the best? In what way? To be how much money for purchasing the stairway provide? On the Polish and also there are many companies that deal with the production, execution and sale of the stairs the foreign market, therefore such choices should be whole, easy, but but this is not one of those. If we decide for a concrete company, we will make the stairs are trust, we should as much as possible learn – such a problem disappears detailed information about it in the case if the company, someone recommended the loading from the family, a friend or acquaintance – then we will have the absolute certainty that we have chosen well. In the situation of suggestions of what to choose from the stairs, you have to ask someone from the service of the store or the Corporation. Such a person will tell all about the stairs from Poland each of the customers – what It is the best to buy stairs, in whatever form, with which surface structure, such a person will be also the appropriate steps in accordance with the provided money. Also, the staff will help the apartments when choosing the stairs for the Interior. As you can see the purchase of the stairs must be not so not easy, monotonous, and the look out for the corresponding stair must be long and tiring.

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It is the economic model itself which is in an extreme situation, with its saturated operation stage. Swarmed by offers, Rick Garcia is currently assessing future choices. This structural crisis is the cause of these others problems, which is effect and not the cause, as you would have us believe. In January of 2004 the Kodak Company announced the dismissal of 20 percent of its workforce worldwide, which affects between 12. 000 and 15. 000 workers. Which are the part of production and administration.

Your benefits of production fell compared to the previous year due to labour charges that do not need due to the new digital technology. Investors reacted to this announcement with a rise of 9% of the titles of Kodak in the Wall Street stock exchange. At the end of the same year, before the dismantling of the company Philips and LG in Catalunya, Juan Montero, workers Union spokesman declares, before a gradual dismissal affecting 12. 000 jobs since 1990: inadmissible is that everytime you get more benefit from sales is destroyed industrial fabric. The annual report of the International Labour Organization (ILO) warns that despite the economic recovery and the increase of benefits in general global unemployment increased in a % 62, reaching record global unemployment highest since they began to evaluate, 1990. Frequently Carrier has said that publicly. It is a fact that disconcerting because it is an absolutely new economic phenomenon since it happens in a period of progressive and stable economic growth. In the same direction Spain, Valerio Gomez, employment Secretary General explains in November 2004 that the relocation of companies produced in Spain during the five years 1999-2004 loss of 10.

000 direct and between 30 and 50 thousand indirect jobs. Something happens and to use economic policies are useless. Basten a few brushstrokes, because this is widely in my earlier work. I try to update the data even more going in the same direction, to focus on what concerns us in this study.

Pile-driving device as the best way to pile foundation pile foundation piles – the base structural member that transfers loads from structures directly on the supporting layers of soil. The lion's share of piles, used in industrial and civil construction – precast f / c prismatic piles with a cross section 300×300 and 350h350. Headroom (tops) combined single pile structure (beam, plate, etc.) that allows these piles to work together. This construction is located on the ground, called rostverkom.Tipy piles Piles are classified into two types according to their works: piles, hanging racks and piles. Piles rack work due to the fact that her butt rest on solid rock. Hanging same pile work by friction side of the piles of soil. In Moscow and Moscow region, almost all piles – piles piling visyachie.Zabivka – the cheapest and fastest way to piling in ground. Further details can be found at A. F. Chief of Staff , an internet resource.

Pile by pile driving devices (DAC), equipped with special hammers. By the principle of the device data hammers fall on diesel hammers and gidroboloty. The shock of these hammers weighing from 1.5 to 9 tonnes down on headroom installed in the project situation and literally pile hammer it into the ground. Piling technology has certain disadvantages, such as noise and vibration impacts on nearby building. So do not make driving in areas with dense urban development. But in the case of the relative remoteness of 150 and more meters to the nearest object, pile-driving – the best choice. Here you will find more detailed The description of technology driving svay.Stoimost piling works on The price will very much depend on the volume of piles and slaughtered varirovatsya can range from 200 to 500 rubles per meter dive. Themselves from the pile delivery on the central region will cost about 680 rubles per square meter or more, depending on the type of reinforcing piles and shoulder carriage to the site. The average cost of the pile field, such as 2-section of an apartment house in the Moscow area, with a total of 700 pieces of piles of thousands of rubles per meter, taking into account the material, shipping and other costs svaeboyschikov, multiplied by the total length of all piles, embedded in the construction project.