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The phase consists many times, in a period of challenge and difficulties, as much for the young crosses that it as for its parents. Conger (1980) evidences this note, emphasizing the changes that are occurring with the son, its parents and the relationship of both: ' ' The parents, to its way, also can be facing one ' ' crisis of identidade' '. The parents of the average adolescent are entering in the middle-age. At the moment where its children if approach to the maximum physical and sexual vigor, the parents are front the front with the fact of already having exceeded its proper maximum of physical esplendor and that the remaining portion of the way means the descending of the mountain, even so soft at the beginning. In a society so blinded by youth as ours? so disdainful of the oldness? the perspective can to the times be dolorosa' ' (CONGER, 1980, p.38). acceptance of the adolescent in the group, and its close relations with these, are of basic importance in the life of the young. ' ' The paper of the group of friends is particularly important to assist the individual to define its proper identity: in none another stage of the development the identity direction is so fludo' '.

(CONGER, 1980, p.66). The importance of the group is so great that many young can be satisfied itself with the standards, behaviors, crazes and modismos of this. When the adolescent finds ' ' group of amigos' ' , the relation is deeper, having bigger sincerity between the members, allowing confidences and affinity, what it finishes being well bigger with these pairs of what with its proper parents. Lacerda (1998, P. 48): ' ' They undress the masks, they use of the biggest franqueza, they open the heart for the free expression of the anxiety or the anger, the apaixonamento or the frustration.

First, let's look at options for use in the life and work of the proposed visitors to our site. – For personal safety, car alarm system connected to a GPS-tracking. – Use to control the leased machines. – To check the pious relatives and friends. – Using the services of transportation, such as taxis for correct arrangement of public transportation and rapid processing of the application. – For street racers and fans speed. – In sports and auto-orientation.

– In the entertainment! In games such as patrol, for high quality coordinating teams playing! – To coordinate the work of the police. Arrange the DPS vehicle. Organization gripping groups, etc. – For special vehicles for the cleaning of the city, garbage trucks. – The control tool for an ambulance. – For control of goods and freight. – Use tracking systems to control construction equipment – In service Security Banks collection.

What unites these areas of? What we have at any given time can determine the location of the facility. 'Well, I'll know where my car is worth! Under the balcony! "- Tell you. Yes, someone that enough, but not for everyone! Sorting out the nuances can make a useful part of the application of GPS-tracking: – for stealing to get its location in real time – when an alarm is triggered to be notified at his these two functions can save a lot of money and nerves. And all just because you have a car worth equipment for the GPS-vehicle monitoring. Let's see how it all works. Satellite system flying in space. With these navigational modem receives your location. In addition, we have an instantaneous velocity and azimuth – the direction of our movement. Then our modem, which is on the board has a GSM SIM card is sending data to the server, which stores all data on the movement of traffic.

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The first parachute jump c happened! I took off and landed – well! But what is surprising: the panic that you experience when facing the open door of an airplane at an altitude of about a thousand feet above the earth's surface, almost completely disappears from consciousness, as soon as your feet occur severe blow to the ground. Feeling under the feet of solid footing, as if I unconsciously moved away from those of his celestial weightless sensation. Recall our first training session: we were calm, confident, and naively believed himself fearless. The second training session gave us a pain in the muscles, the characteristic bluish marks on the body and at the same time, some insecurity in their physical capabilities. Approaching the moment of truth. And then, finally, came the same day! Among the multitude of minor details looms fill some documents about the removal from the club responsible for any possible negative (and more lethal) consequences of my jump, after – fitting-fitting parachute D-1-5, D-1-5U, D-6 (boots, helmets), loading and arrival at the airport. Opens the door of our truck bodies – and we get on from the shadows bathed in sunshine and stunning expanses of its vast field, overgrown with grass. Conducted the first to prepare: a parachute with a spare wheel and the bags are arranged in a neat pile near the appliance is installed with the funny striped red and white cap, which shows the wind direction is formed command observation post, a '' (ie we) are wandering, not knowing what to do with himself, take pictures and give voice to their video camera undefined emotions and feelings.

The answer to the question is well defined – you can earn. Another thing – how to make money. What is a rustle of nuts will not work no one, even the squirrel – and she needs to touch the walnut legs and vpitsya in his teeth. Freelancer – the same protein, sought nuts. Protein from morning to night rushing through the woods in search of hazel. When the nut is found, it lacks the first got a nut, and carefully chooses the one that is bigger, no spots decay, with a hard shell. In brief speaking, the highest quality.

After that drags him into a hollow, protecting fans from other nuts. Freelancer must do the same. First wanted 'nut' – freelance site, which offers job is to freelancers. Followed by a choice of jobs, the project. Freelancer who wants to earn, is not limited to applying for one project, one vacancy, he examines and sniffs everything that is offered by his profession.

A good freelancer knows the same thing, and protein – are not all equally edible nuts, and not all projects can get to work. Therefore it is necessary to examine (leave application) may be more. Should not be considered the result of Freelancer, how the money had fallen from the sky. Just so no one gives money, so you should evaluate their work adequately. Report – 'I am ready to take the job on any terms' – it does not value yourself, your skills diminish their work. In addition, customers are wary of such statements. If a person is willing to work on any terms, maybe he's just a loser? Or quality of his work is extremely low? These workers are not wanted. To earn a freelance, you must be expert in their field. Real specialist. Stupid squirrel remain hungry, a freelancer who is not knowledgeable in their field, and will not be able to earn. No one has paid to anyone just because the person really wants to get money. Freelance – work hard, demanding responsibility, self discipline, knowledge and skills. If you want to become a freelancer, then remember: you have to do the same thing both online, only better. Then you will visit customers and good wages.

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The sentence of this article belongs to Christ and is born of him when he went to preach to their land and most people were baffled by his wisdom, and who knew him and his family since childhood, so with that attitude, Jesus said “a prophet without honor except in his native place, relatives and members of his household.” While it is not my aim to compare to any of us with a prophet, I bring it up this sentence to make an analogy and understanding through the respective analysis, why we sometimes feel much pain at a particular situation, and where we can recognize that this phrase We fit like a glove. To which I develop this theme today is to understand, not the unknown that may eventually criticize either good or bad intentions, but to understand the actions of “those people” because we know and are in our immediate environment and we consider them “allies”, suddenly made a critical or cutting remark. That is, when you were on guard to cover the strokes come from the front, it appears that the rear and you who actually thought they were watching their backs, you see the blow that leaves them groggy. So to begin analyzing these situations, I must first list as examples of those who may receive such “cheap shots” that we expected. Secondly why assume they do, if in fact we start with a premise that not doing it for ill will. And thirdly, that is essentially why it is happening and why. When you develop these three points will begin to see their close relationship to the article entitled “The undercover work.

In addition, the achieved reduce idle time and increase the cutting speed, the system automatically calculate spindle speed and feed rate, as well as handling the processing of the values of cutting forces. On the control machine control displays the progress of technological operations, current load, the load on the spindle, the number of parts processed per unit time (day, week). Provides for automatic mode selection cutting in accordance with the processed material harvesting and information on the current state of the instrument. The function allows you to assign self-optimal cutting, CNC recorded in the memory mode of operation, taken earlier in the processing of various parts that can then be automatically select the desired mode of treatment. Can be controlled via Intranet or Internet, by telephone from the office or other points. Connection with the CNC control system manufacturing plant on the local network to perform the following functions: generation of UP, the order for the preparation of tools and fixtures, control production, transmission, diagnosis, operative technical support office in the shop Prospects profession machine operator.

The tendency to complicate the design of machines, changing the organization of their operation, especially in small enterprises, led to increasing demands for education and vocational training level workers, machinists. Serious attention is paid to positive motivation their work, which includes elements of creativity, and responsibility for own work and meet their professional activities. The relationship between mental and manual labor to reach 1:4 … 1:7. The main machine operator duties in the near future will include: setting up and podnaladka complex, equipped with CNC equipment, maintenance equipment in the state, ensuring the release of products in the required quantity and desired quality, quality control processing and delivery of products without quality control department.

In the process, machine operator will identify and troubleshoot hardware using special diagnostic tools and tests, together with locksmiths to participate in the current repair equipment, conduct statistical surveys and the data obtained to control the quality of products. Operator’s work on CNC machines will be to change managers programs, and podnaladke change instruments, quality control, processing, loading blanks at the receiving position and removing the finished product and, if necessary – in the performance of fitting and assembly operations and other functions of the operator will be closer to the functions of the adjuster CNC machines. The central figure in the machine shop will be working-machine operator – the organizer and leader of the manufacturing site. His responsibilities and rights are so broad, that he will be able to stop production because of marriage or other technical reasons. From his knowledge, initiative, ability to quickly navigate and make the right organizational and technical solutions to a large extent will be depend on the normal operation of the equipment, its productivity and product quality. Worker-machine operator must know perfectly maintained equipment design, all its parts and mechanisms (Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and electronic) to be able to develop technology for processing details, select the cutting conditions, adjust the control program, qualified to make adjustment of the machine in the shortest possible time. In fact, labor machine operator is similar to the work of technicians and engineers, so the worker machine operator must continuously improve their general education and professional level. Complication CNC machine tools and high standards to ensure efficient use of expensive equipment will lead to a function that a highly skilled worker, machine operator will carry out an engineer. The organization, which working working-machine operator (regardless of its form of ownership), will organize differentiated instruction to meet the needs of production.