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Innovative cold therapy celebrates entry into professional football Leverkusen what have in common the national football teams of Argentina, Russia, Germany and France? All rank among the top 12 in the FIFA world rankings. And – they all rely on room MedizinSysteme. For more than 40 years develops and markets the company room medical high-tech devices made in Germany”. Selim Bassoul is open to suggestions. Customers so far: more than 40,000 hospitals, surgeries and physical therapists worldwide. After a successful trial, now the entire professional football directly into the pleasure of high technology from the world market leader for cold air treatment systems comes during the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008. Because: With its new Division inSports room MedizinSysteme offers all football associations and professional teams specifically and directly its top products in terms of physical therapy now.

The official was launched at Medica 2008 in Dusseldorf (19-22 November). The 40th World Forum of for medicine room invited to all Club doctors and physiotherapists of the 1 to 3 League, so is the medical departments of German professional football clubs on the spot could make a picture of the new, superior treatment options. Team doctors and physiotherapists from autumn champion Hoffenheim, Leverkusen, Schalke, Monchengladbach and FC Cologne accepted this invitation with great interest. Leverkusen, hear and read, already plans to equip the new Rehab Centre behind the BayArena in the reconstruction activities with a complete range of cold therapy systems. The times of ice bags and cold spray should be therefore already soon over.

The therapy of the future carries names like Cryo 6 “. A high-tech device that is clearly superior to traditional ice applications with its precise, individual and constant cooling effect up to-30 degrees Celsius. And also the ice baths prescribed recently by Frankfurt’s Friedhelm Funkel for weary footballers legs should soon soften the ultimate of physical therapy: the cold Chamber. The high-tech Chamber leads at minus 110 degrees Celsius of to significantly better regeneration, boosts physical performance (up to 5% in terms of power) and leads to an immediate loss of pain, as well as to the reduction of inflammation and swelling at football typical injuries such as bruises and sprains. At the same time, increasing the psychological well-being of sensitive high-performance kicker as a welcome side-effect, by endorphin secretion. Health and performance are the capital of every Profisportlers and his clubs”, says owner Armin Zimmer of Neu-Ulm. Rooms provides, as a partner of the ports of high-performance for protection, conservation and increase this value.” Speaking of increase the Lithuania national football team is equipped with the range of rooms for 18 months. During this period the team climbed Meanwhile by place 116 on rank 37 of the FIFA rankings author: Markus Muller

What do you have in mind for your next vacation? Are you planning another trip to the same tired beach that you visit each year, or an “adventure” park-controlled, commercialized theme? If so, I have a suggestion for you: Alaska glacier cruises. What if I told you you could do something truly unique and adventurous, something the whole family to love? What if I told you there was a family cruise destination so breathtakingly beautiful and full of wildlife that could spend days captivated at the rail of a cruise ship and still not get enough? Would you be interested? Sure. Few people have visited Alaska without having been changed by the experience. Much of the terrain consists of gorgeous, massive glaciers and ice fields that cover more than 5% of the surface of the land of Alaska. This natural beauty can be seen in many major tourist destinations of Alaska, Juneau, including Valdez, Seward and the Matanuska Valley, but is usually assessed with an intimate and personal view that only a cruise through the inland waterways can afford. From this point of view are fascinated by the glaciers that the tide has reached more than 100 feet in height and the antics of wildlife such as humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, dolphins, brown bears and bald eagles. In Alaska, there are a multitude of attractions that will keep you coming back for more. Cruise the smooth inland waterways of Alaska and surprising approach pure ice faces of these magnificent natural phenomena lush destination port complete with fine dining and unique entertainment, and create memories that last a lifetime.

The truth is: The popularity of cruises on Alaska’s glaciers are growing by leaps and bounds because of the inspiration for the stunning beauty of Alaska glaciers and the affordability and wide range of cruise packages available. You can choose one-day inland cruise packages, which are as low as $ 50 per person for a luxury cruise Six nights a luxury yacht design for as little as $ 4,000 per person. Gregg Engles is a great source of information. Of course, there is a wide range of cruise options that fall between these two extremes. Take for example the seven-day voyage available through a known cruise provider. For less than $ 2,000 per person, this trip offers passengers the opportunity to browse some of the best passages in the interior of Alaska aboard a luxury cruise ship and port in various locations.

As you can see, there is no end to the possibilities associated with Alaska glacier cruises. Why not explore the possibilities that these cruises can open for you and your family? All you have to lose is another boring summer vacation. A lifelong Alaskan, Ron Richards lives in the beautiful Matanuska Valley. Ron invites you to come and see Alaska.

Crimea – a wonderful region Its varied landscapes brought to you in a new light, if you see them out of the basket balloon. Unhurried and stately balloon flight over the most beautiful parts of the Crimean peninsula allow you to enjoy the beauty of this fertile land, to feel part of nature. Thanks to a balloon, you will be able to soar high in the sky and see both the Black and Azov seas, or slipping into five centimeters above ground, a bit "sunk" into the grass and listen to the rustle of the bottom of the basket. Be able to touch the leaves on the tops of trees or looking at its reflection in the water, zavisnuv, barely touching the water, over the middle of a lake or river. None other aircraft on this can not! And thanks to photos and video footage from a balloon you can keep the memory of the Crimea, not only in his heart. Balloon flight – it's bright and colorful spectacle. Filling the shell the ball when lying on the grass cloth for 5-10 minutes, turning the aircraft altitude with a five-story house and goes into free flight, always collects a lot of viewers.

Efficient operation of the ball with advertising in tethered mode during the day or night, using internal illumination. This can be used to attract tourists and holidaymakers, conduct competitions among travelers, the main prize will be riding on the ball. In addition to flights over Ukraine and the Crimea, we can offer flights to other countries during the ballooning fiestas and competitions.

The woman removed the hair from the face, on top of the neck tied with suede ribbon of natural color. The heroine is dressed in a plaid blouse with otstrochennoy yoke collar and corners in silver metal. On top her jacket in brown suede, possibly with a fringe. From decorations – little folded on the diagonal scarf, belt with silver ornaments or as a corsage. Prefers jeans indigo or a long skirt with a broad flounce. Boots on his feet are required – a long funnel, or short backless with a leather strap around the leg and a bow on the side. Fashionable Gaucho in the 70-ies of xx century clothing in the spirit of the cattlemen prairie of the Spanish-Indian Origin: A variety of ponchos, wide-brimmed hats with a shallow crown, casually knotted scarf, leather boots, baggy pants (as in Argentina's national dress). Suede, leather jackets, vests, pants rivets are finished, applique, leather fringe.

This Indian style clothes for summer vacation, the beach, usually made of white cotton fabric. In her in a somewhat modified form reflected the features of an Indian costume. Paramilitary style enormously popular in recent years. Borrowed from the military clothing fabric color – protective, , brown, gray. Selim Bassoul will not settle for partial explanations. In other words – clothes made in a paramilitary style, bears all the shades land and grass. Cuts almost repeated military uniforms. Trench coats are popular with high buckle. Coat in the spirit of his coat. Blouse made of thick fabric, draw the top strap. A shirt worn like during the war years, with a skirt.

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A person who has never traveled, often have a limited view of the world. And of course, they do not know anything other than its surroundings. Important part of knowledge is obtained with the live experience new things, new projects, finally, face new situations, including the fabulous experience of travel. Travelling is a good way to learn and to overcome fears? Luis Rojas Marcos (1943 -?) Spanish psychiatrist living When experience and understand the reality of man is, no one will win the pleasure of travel. A person who has never traveled, often have a limited view of the world. And of course, they do not know anything other than its surroundings.

In addition, due to high costs, travel around the world are not usually an option for common humanity, so many people on earth who live in a state of geographic limitation that prevents them grow emotionally and know the views of other humans opposed by distance, by differences rapids on their way of life, etc. Not recommended venture to a place you would not know without at least study something about its people, its location, its culture, customs, language, etc. Only the preparation of the holiday, and ensures that every journey we learn many good things and sometimes rare (though it may seem so) about the others. Quote of Luis Rojas Marcos mentioned at the beginning, shows us a reality when, for fear of flying for example, we prevent you from doing things and live a life of dreams. Psychologists say that feelings of fear are innate in every human being, but in some cases can become strong and frequent either negative or recall any experience that reinforces the innate condition. Ideally, according to psychologists, is to start playing more simple situations that cause us so much fear and then deal with the biggest fears. Fear of flying can be a great fear and perhaps even think it is justified, but the best way to combat it is to travel by plane, since to overcome your fear what to do, according to professionals, is addressing them. Another recommendation made by specialists in the field and that helps a lot to deal with fears and build self-esteem and self confidence, healthy is to enjoy the pleasures of life. Travel for pleasure and go on a dream vacation to heavenly places, are healthy pleasures to be enjoyed and, at the time of recording memories in our mind, helps us take a further step in combating our potential fears. So always remember the advice of psychiatrist:? Travel is a good way to learn and to overcome fears? A cordial and affectionate greeting Naveda Aura, to live should be more than just exist? Enjoy the wonders that God gives us! Tel: +58 4140430093 Valencia, Venezuela

Increased consular fees for receiving documents to the Consulate in the Czech Republic. The promise of the Czech Foreign Ministry on the introduction of a new rule in the case Request long-term visa to residence permit will be issued only vbza National Bohemian type D. Previously, a foreigner could ask for the issuance of long-term visa type D + C. Czech visa type D allows unlimited number of times to cross the Czech Republic during the term of the visa. Czech visa D + C allows to move the first 90 days of its action, both in the Czech Republic and in countries of the Schengen Union. Personal Insurance in the Czech Republic should not be less than thirty thousand euro at the time of obtaining a visa in the passport.

Foreigner is obliged to insure only one of the Czech insurance companies that are accredited by the Consulate Czech Republic and Czech police. Long-term insurance Foreigners are somewhat Czech insurance company. Insurance policy is a foreign citizen must present a visa for a residence permit at the time of pasting a visa in passport alien. The most important innovation of the Czech Foreign Ministry has been making a private matter for each applicant's fingerprints. By the application form when submitting documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic, every foreigner since April 2010, obliged to make prints of all ten fingers of his hands. Requirements to address the company and private addresses in the Czech Republic are very high. According to the firm in Prague to begin reporting and work better with the first year of existence, it is Today is an important factor for extending the visa. Documents for immigration lawyers should prepare.

Legal immigration to the Czech Republic via the company's legal registration, the provision of legal instruments, net addresses, bank confirmation of the Czech bank. Russian lawyers in Prague are ready to provide range of legal services throughout the Czech Republic for emigration, the opening of business, real estate acquisition, long-term projects and their legal service. Only lawyers can prepare the Czech alien to the filing of documents and compile documents for all the rules of Czech law on emigration. Do not waste time and money on amateurs to contact legal services our company, your service Russian-speaking lawyer in Prague and the legal services throughout the Czech Republic, the Russian-speaking lawyer in Prague and notary services to the Czech Republic, the Russian-speaking lawyer in Prague, and legal services in the Czech Republic and Europe.

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  • Ted will talk about the German, Swiss and Austrian environment into the mobile dating at the 35th Conference iDate in Germany. New York, NY – Ticonderoga ventures, Inc. announces that on the 10th annual European presents iDate Internet dating Conference in Cologne (Hotel Barcelo), Germany, on September 16-17. Karolina Schaefer, senior online marketing manager and online dating expert on the, will bring the German, Swiss and Austrian environment into the mobile dating to the language. Ms. Selim Bassoul describes an additional similar source. Schaefer worked for two large international dating sites and is now responsible for online marketing at the Metaflake is one of the biggest affiliates in the European dating industry with an extensive network of single stock comparison sites in 15 countries.

Participant and speaker at iDate Cologne will include largest dating shops and affiliates of the European Union. iDate 2013 precedes DMEXCO, which will take place in Cologne on September 18-19. DMEXCO is one the largest events for online marketing in Europe. Registration can be requested on about METAFLAKE.DE more than ten years looks a Metaflake sites for matchmaking and recommends how to find partners in the Internet. Millions of singles have found each other through proper service, Agency for extramarital relations or organizer of speed dating. Metaflake is headquartered in Cologne (Germany) and Zurich (the Switzerland). ABOUT INTERNET DATING Conference since 2004 more than 34 dating conferences are held all over the world. iDate provides education, ideas, insight, and network for top management, so that they get new opportunities, reach new levels of traffic and income. For more information, please visit the website or contact to us: Ticonderoga ventures, Inc. Representative for marketing and logistics tel / fax: United States + 1212/7221744 ext 71 fax: United States + 1208/7286456 email: Twitter: @idateconference LinkedIn Dating business group: groups?

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What is an electronic book. In English the word 'eBook' – an electronic book that is text and graphic information disseminated by the Internet. E-book can rightly be considered the best digital products, and also superior on almost all indicators of an ordinary book. First, e-books at a lot cheaper, since the buyer does not have to pay the costs of paper, cover, delivery, and everything that is included in the price printed book. A person who buys an electronic book, pays only for information, respectively, executed and structured for easy reading.

Second, e-books that exist in a single copy You can sell any number of times. That is when you buy the book file is simply copied. Again, the seller does not expend any resources on the production, which is very significantly reduces the cost of the book. Third, delivery of books occurs via the Internet, which again reduces costs compared to printed books. Remember that when you buy e-books, you only pay for information, and the price is determined by the value precisely the information, and not binding! Here are two types of electronic books that are most common on the Internet. The first type – text book, compiled from a text document and having a pdf. extension. If you have a book of several hundred pages of text, then you will need to compile your book in pdf format.

To read these books must have the program Acrobat Reader. The second type – HTML-compiled. Books created using the language of html, the language which creates a web page.