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Why you do not make of the letters hobby of who needs to rest of the arduous profession, or why you want to enaltecer yours you endow intellectuals. But to accent the humanistic behavior that must preside over all social activity. I reproduce the estria that you counted in the Brazilian Magazine of Medicine in ‘ ‘ Reflections on mortality infantil’ ‘: ‘ ‘ Certain made, a woman of the people, bringing rolled entered us in the Doctor’s office in one chal, teeny human being in decomposition. Examining it we can count costelinhas to it fragile badly covered by the ressequida skin. Made an impression, almost infuriated, we ask the reason of that state, because it assents in that slow infanticide the poor woman, moved, confused, to the measure that the tears ran to it of the eyes was saying that it delivers filhinho to the cares of a criadeira, therefore needed to work outside. The criadeira, this word, was resounding in my ears with the insistence of an acknowledgment.

For one sees there that the main causes of infantile mortality if can summarize in the ignorance and pobreza’ ‘. is not only in the word, in the letter that kills, but in the action that vivifies. Your ticket for the Department of Public Health and later in the Secretariat of the Health of the State, and currently in the Hospital of Clinics ‘ ‘ August Dr. Leite’ ‘ in the Chair of Tropical Illnesses of the College of Medical Sciences d Federal University of Sergipe, printed and prints the mark of your personality. In the Hospital you started for distributing justice between the colleagues and servers, who the discrimination is the anti-man, and when it serves to project some suspicion of its merits and harms capable and idealistic. The Right is not a gift; it is an open good to that they are prepared, by means of general norms, without meaning of people.

Repassing the citizens of these nations, the confidence that as much we feel lack. Here we lose pleasure and we disarrange our projects. Had to these factors, DMatta says that it is therefore, that we obtain to discover and to perfect ways, a skill, a style of social navigation, therefore always passes in the space between lineses of ' ' it cannot! ' '. Also it is for the fact of terms a divided legal system, that nor always condiz with our reality. In the sixth paragraph, the same it starts to appraise ' ' jeito' ' , being a way and a style to carry through the things, likeable, despaired or a human one to relate the impersonal one with the staff, Pacific; legitimate until deciding such problems entirely, provoking this causstica junction of the law, with the person is using who it. To exemplificar this process, the author cites three acts, that consist of the relation of the humble person, with superiority of the public server and this, with ' ' he knows with that he is speaking? ' '.

In the first act, it he speaks of the hierarquizao of the social status, where the person ignored for its appearance, is not taken care of with respect for the public officer. In as, an impasse is created, because the attendant complicates the things and starts to speak of the legal penalties that the user can suffer. After this, the author explains the position of the server and the social value of the solicitant. Giving continuity, in the third act, it speaks of the question of ' ' pode' ' of ' ' not pode' ' said for the employee. In one soon comparison of igualitrios countries and Brazil, DMatta perceived the great difference that has to decide the things, since, in ours in case that, always we find one ' ' jeito' '.

Facts from the paperback of “The cave” by Ernst Probst Wiesbaden pharmacies, books, guest houses, caves, food and other products, sports clubs, roads, valleys and who knows what are named in Germany after the bears do. No wonder: This majestic predator impressed by body size, power and wisdom. And once the bear with different types at different times in the area of Germany was widespread. In the ice age between approximately 125,000 and 11,700 years for example, Germany was a real paradise for a specific type of bear. You can learn this when reading the pocket book the cave bear”of the Wiesbaden science author Ernst Probst. It is at grin for academic texts” appeared and in about 1,000 online book hops Amazon, GRIN, Libri and available at any good Bookstore. Probst has recently also two other Pocket Books about large predators from the Ice age published.

One of Hohlenlowen bears the title”, the other is called saber-toothed Cats” (formerly called saber-toothed Tiger). In each of these Pocket Books mentioned among the main locations of these predators in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. “Contents of the Pocket Book of the cave bear”: without a tail up to 3.50 metres long, maximum 1.75 metres tall and up to 1200 kilograms which was the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) from the ice age. Although this extinct bear was already in 1794 first scientifically described, giving up more than 200 years later are still many puzzles. When originated the cave bear, he was a loner, he has kept a winter sleep or a winter rest, there was a culture of cave bear Hunter and a cave bear cult, when and why did he die from? Reply to this and the cave bear has other issues the paperback”of the Wiesbaden science author Ernst Probst. The Cave is regarded as the largest animal that has ever inhabited the mountains in the ice age. Surprisingly, he was a herbivorous predator, which was defenseless during the cold season in a cave. However, feared stone age people for her life when she met him at the wrong time.

“The idea for the paperback of the cave bear” matured during the research for the book of Pocket Hohlenlowen. Big cats in the ice age”. This 2009 published works mentioned partly those of cave bears as well as sites of big cats. “The Pocket Book of the cave bear” Professor Dr. Gernot Rabeder from Vienna, is dedicated to Dr. Brigitte Hilpert of Erlangen and Dr. Wilfried Rosendahl from Mannheim. All three are cave bear experts and have the author in several book projects with Council and supported fact. “Orders of the Pocket Book of the cave bear” at: e-book/137524/the cave bear

Rhein Fire responsible Cologne for product introduction, June 17, 2008 – as specialists in the area of event marketing agency Rhein Fire, managed to expand the cooperation with one of the leading international financial companies. After working last year to introduce new sales products this is in the coming months continued and expanded. The Cologne Agency offers the entire package from conception to implementation. Over 1,500 sales representatives on the new products are introduced to a total of 20 destinations across Germany within half a year. This sets the event marketing agency with the instrument Roadshow ‘ by.

The consistently positive feedback and great motivation of all participants in the last year had confirmed both the company and the Agency. “The product launch under the motto Motorsport” had staff brought so specifically to the new themes, that the introduction of the new distribution issues properly managed. In addition, the exceptional approach increased the motivation of all those involved enormous. The decisive impulse to implement this in the future with the Rhein Fire and the extensive network of its partners. The high quality convinced. Ambition, power, flexibility and security that distinguishes the Motorsport and for this the product properties that applies to convey it are available. Exactly this connection could be established within the framework of this unconventional communication measure and motivated even the boardroom to the further cooperation. The main focus on the link of launch with Slotfire race in these months.

We want to inform and motivate, so “, which confirms Claudia Bassen, CVO of the Rhein Fire, manages the playful entry into new topics as saying.” If the emotional Sparks, then the enthusiasm developed to work in the extended scope of the company.” The continuation of the successful road shows expresses strong customer loyalty of the Rhein Fire and shows their long-term, continuous and trend-setting Agency performance. The trust of our partners of course confirmed us in our actions. Enthusiasm, motivation and fun show for all those who are involved in these projects. “

Already in the first measures it is observed operating university reform occurring of consubstanciada form thus the facultieses had become university for the juxtaposition enter the superior institutions thus unifying itself, the courses that long ago acted in isolated way. However, the federal state withheld all autonomy on the institutions that still university professor occurred of form, as conseguintes all the modifications had been molding in elapsing of the time keeping its remaining aspects. The economic situation politician and also reflects the vision of superior education in country dated after 1945, having then certain university privatization and the search for social ascension since, many sectors demanded a superior level for acts of contract, in this exactly period happened the federalizao of many universities as USP and UNB these last with ideas humanists who if molded in the concepts of culture, arts, science and technology, that it was boycotted at the time and created thus, another institution. The creation of the LDB in 1961 did not modify very in the superior educational system, only acted in administrative levels inside of the educational spheres. From 1968 the university educational politics in superior education will only start to construct bases for the university reform of 1968, due to redemocratizao of the Brazilian society and the search of formation for the work more specialized to take care of the capitalist market disfarado by Populism, nationalism and desenvolvimentista. No longer period of 1968 the 1990, the universities gain force and space for estruturao of the academic courses everything in function the university reform that occurred in years 60 to the end of the 80, following lines of direction of law 5,540 of 28 of November of 1968, this had as objective to fix the norms of organization and functioning of superior education and its joint with the too much levels of education, from there the pulled out one for the modernization college student, bringing factors that had established connection and remodelled the education, searches and extension, that if extends ties 1990 middle, when occurs the increase in the number and largeness of the institutions, the opening for privatization, and university extension ties the interior and diversification in the areas periods and courses of vacation conducted for the calls private universities with enterprise vocation.

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Life is a process of beginnings and endings. Both in life and nature, there are times when things move slowly and do not seem to have changed much. Then suddenly, things change quickly. Moving from August to September, the weather changes gradually at first, and then it seems that suddenly summer is over. The same happens in our lives, the transitions are as natural as the changing seasons.

Life Transitions are difficult because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a sense of vulnerability. Most of the transitions of life begins with a series of losses:? The loss of a role? The loss of a person? The loss of a place? The loss of a sense of your place in the world Any significant loss makes most people feel fear and anxiety. From now on its future may be full of questions, it is normal to feel fear. We live in a culture that has taught us to be very uncomfortable with uncertainty, so we are anxious when disrupt our lives. On the positive side, these transitions give us the opportunity to learn about our strengths and explore what you really want out of life. This time of reflection may lead to a sense of renewal, stability, and a new equilibrium. A life transition can be positive or negative, planned or unplanned. Some transitions occur without warning and can be quite dramatic, as in cases of accidents, death, divorce, job loss or serious illness.

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Virtual offices, advantages and disadvantages have a virtual office has different advantages, but it is also important to assess its disadvantages, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. When you have a virtual office you can link people from your Office electronically without the need for a physical space. This is a great advantage for those with little budget but until where come the benefits of renting a virtual office? In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a virtual office. In a virtual office, everyday work is done remotely, i.e. anywhere where employees are provided the job site is linked with one or more fixed sites of the company through some kind of electronic communication.

A little history first virtual office activities took place during the Decade of the seventies, time in which the microcomputers and low-cost data communications equipment also appeared. This provided that the people could work from their homes. This fact quickly garnered the attention of developers, architects, engineers, lawyers and analysts financial, among others. Some of the advantages of having a virtual office are: lower cost of installation. When you rent a virtual office, you don’t need to have as much ability to offices, because some employees can work from another location. This will allow you to reduce costs of rent and expansion of offices. Lower cost of equipment. Remote workers can share great part of the team in a similar manner as with users of a LAN when they share their resources.

Formal communications network. Sets a greater attention to communications networks, which leads to the development of better systems of communication. Low rate of interruptions at work. When temporary inconveniences (rain, cold, snow, etc.) and even diseases prevent travel to the workplace, virtual office makes feasible to continue with the activities of the individual and the company. Social contribution. The virtual office allows companies to hire people who cannot travel to a physical Office for disability issues or because they are parents of young children or elderly.