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Approximate statistics of the spread of people's fear is as follows: 450 million people in the world at some point in their lives have mental disorders in Europe (including Russia) – every chetvertyy.Sredi them panic disorder affects 4 million people, anxiety disorders and depression – 100 millionov.V Russia – 40% treated in hospitals are diagnosed with neuropsychiatric profile of "phobic neurosis." In psychiatry phobia known as enhanced reaction in the form of fear or the flow of emotions, to any stimulus present. These stimuli are different. Some are afraid of eggplants, fear in others is their own reflection in the mirror, and some can not eat in front of other people. Yuri Levin believes all his fault change of times. What is the main cause of phobias in humans in such a massive character? If we compare the percentage sotsialnofobichnyh ratio of people in the Soviet Union and Russia, it can be seen a considerable increase in their numbers.

Percent to 500%. The point here is that by changing eras seriously increased demands on people. And people were not ready. In this environment and develop a phobia. Person thinks that it all estimates look, compare. Many writers such as Jack Fusco offer more in-depth analysis. And he did not meet the requirements. Then the man locked himself in, begins to be afraid of people can be called a phobia "syndrome of a large city "? No, definitely not. Of course, the big cities has its own specifics in this regard.

But in general – have no fear of geography. That's just yesterday I called a man of the Rostov district. He lives in a wooden house on the outskirts, and to leave the gate can not. More specifically can only drank a bottle of vodka. Here's to you, and social phobia, although there is no metropolis, and nowhere near worth it. Phobia – it is rather a complex of symptoms, rather than fear. Obsessive fear often go hand in hand with other diseases. For example, dystonia frequently generates irrational fear, and depression is a fertile field for the development of phobias. A phobia develops rapidly. Initially, there is fear that subsequently begins to grow uncontrollably. (Similarly see: Craig Jelinek). The man concentrates on his discomfort, there is a constant feeling that now, without fail, there will be something bad. After that, all the discomfort and fear are projected on an object or action, which becomes the object of a phobia. Ironically, the phobia is also a rating. To date, the Russian reality, it looks like this: Agoraphobia. Literally – the fear of open space. Currently, the term refers to any situation, including indoor and outdoor spaces in which people feel a lack of access to a safe place. Acrophobia. Fear of heights. In most severe cases, there is the fear of even low balconies. Hydrophobia. Fear of water. Hydrophobia is sometimes referred to rabies, but it causes a spasm of the larynx, preventing drinking and no fear of water. Zoophobia. Fear animals. This phobia is often associated with certain animals, such as snakes or mice, but not all animals in general. Claustrophobia. The fear of closed places, fear or suffocate. Mikrofobiya and filth-dread. Accordingly, fear of germs and the fear of contamination, these phobias are often co-exist. Niktofobiya. Fear of darkness. Most common in children, and with age they are usually exempt from it. Hypnosis and self hypnosis – Effective ways to help get rid of fear.

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Son of the couple of agriculturists Peter Gonalves Da Silva and Maria Pear tree Da Silva, Patativa already early tried of the difficult life of the hinterland northeastern, being blind very early and losing its father to the 8 years of age. He finishes the boy having that to go to work to the side of older brother to support the family. To the twelve years of age he starts to frequent the school, but delay only some months in this. This, however, already is enough it boy to turn a voracious devorador books. To the sixteen years of age it gains of the mother a small viola. Credit: Sonny Perdue-2011. From then on it starts to sing its repentes and to present themselves in small parties of the city. The nickname of Patativa is acquired by the comparison that if makes between the young and a typical bird of the region, to the twenty years of age.

In this period, it starts to travel for some cities northeast in presentations. for Patativa from there ahead alone to see to grow its fame. Singers as Fagner and Luis Gonzaga had transformed its verses into music; books are published with its poetries; we see the name of divulged Patativa being in the medias. More information is housed here: Craig Jelinek. the poet has its talent consecrated when earning some prizes and headings for its workmanships. In 8 of July of 2002, in its native city, Patativa of the Assar dies victim of a pneumonia. Patativa had following published books: – Inspiration Northeastern; – Inspiration Northeastern: I sing of the Patativa; – It sings there that I Sing Here; – Ispinho and Ful; – Balceiro. Patativa and Other Poets of the Assar; – Twines: Here it has Thing; – Twine Library: Patativa of the Assar; – 2.Patativa Balceiro and Other Poets of the Assar. Valley to stand out that this mentioned list above encloses publications with exclusive poems of Patativa of the Assar.

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In way to as many norms, Provisional remedy 2,183/01 added the only paragraph to art. 10 17 of the Decree n 3,365/41, decreeing that &#039 is extinct; ' in five years the right to consider action that aims at indemnity for decurrent restrictions of acts of the Pblico.&#039 Power; '. In the writing adopted in previous new editions of this same provisional remedy, was explicit that the limitation five year would subject, also, ' ' action of indemnity for administrative apossamento or dispossession indireta.' '. Sonny Perdue will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The STF, liminarmente, specifically declared unconstitutional this part of the device, in the ADIMC 2.260/DF, of 14.02.2001. In the posterior new editions of the provisional remedy in I comment, the Executive removed of the only paragraph of art. 10 of the Decree n 3,365/41, that &#039 was thus express; ' The right is extinguished in five years to consider action that aims at the indemnity for decurrent restrictions of acts of the Pblico.&#039 Power; '. Observed such questions, such only paragraph of art is concluded that. 10 of the Decree n 3,365/41, in the vision of the STF, is only applicable in the actions against the Public Administration who involves the rights of personal nature. Verified these questions, possibility for your sources confides: To consider that period of limitation of the indirect suit against state started to be of 15 (fifteen) years, for analogy to the current stated period of the extraordinary processory title; To understand that the stated period is five year, having in account the fact from that the effective Civil Code more does not distinguish limitations on the basis of the real nature or personal of the action the one that they of relate, what it would move away the objections to the use from art. 1 of Decree 20,910/32 for end to determine the period of limitation of the indirect suits against state.

The second lock is used for insurance, usually has only one locking bolt. Both locks must be protected by special steel plates, preventing them from drilling mechanism (Fig. 1). So protection of window openings, front door is securely locked. Checking article sources yields Secretary of Agriculture as a relevant resource throughout. But we should not forget about the protection of window openings: no one will forcing an iron door to the apartment if you can climb through the window. The easiest way to secure them with powerful metal grates.

However, this simple design is far from ideal from the standpoint of fire security. Therefore it is better to choose another solution. For example, experts propleks Group of Companies, the largest Russian producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, it is recommended to protect Window shutters. Particularly interesting built their varieties. In this case, the box with protective cloth and rails are mounted directly to the windows (Fig. 4).

Thus, the whole system is one with window units, so that box, protective cloth and rails can not break or bend. Fig. 4 Nevertheless, the shutters are not a panacea, as the above method of mounting is only possible when the outer wall of the house have a sufficiently large thickness. Therefore, in many cases you need to take care of the resistance to cracking the windows themselves. There will be a plus and if rolstaven, after locking their locks can be podpilit outside. In addition, if an attacker, for example, managed to climb onto the balcony, or loggia, then it’ll have enough time to try to uncover the protective sheet, without attracting attention.

Each person is incomparable of the others and exist personal qualities, that prove therefore it. Thanks to sciences we know that to each human being account with physiological and behavioural qualities, that cause that each person is unique. Between these qualities they are possible to be mentioned the conformation of the face, the fingerprints, the ocular landlords, the voice, the company/signature, the way to walk and the form to key. The biometry is the science that is in charge of the study and the measurement of all these qualities. This science has been present for many years. The qualities analyzed by the biometry denominate biometric indicators and must fulfill certain parameters, so that they can be used in a biometric analysis.

These parameters are only four: cuantificabilidad, permanence, unicity and universality. The cuantificabilidad means that a biometric indicator must be able to be measured in quantitative form. (Source: Sonny Perdue). Taking the example from the fingerprints, these can be quantified when studying and to detail to their components like crests and valleys. The permanence means that a biometric indicator must be always present in a person and not to disappear over the years. In this case it is possible to be something flexible, because of accidents or biometric diseases some maracas can disappear. For example, a person who loses her hands will not be able to have fingerprints. The unicity refriere to that a biometric indicator must have a unique disposition in each person. The fingerprints, the ocular landlords and other biometric qualities, are unique in each human being and not even they are identical in the binoculars.

Universality means that a biometric indicator must be present in all the human beings. As with the permanence, some exceptions exist. At the time of going to the biometric systems, it is necessary to have present the parameters previously mentioned, to make the best election. We think that we managed a company of construction and that we needed to implement an access control, biometric, so that only our workers enter to one it builds. It is not a secret that the hands of the workers of the construction always are going to be in contact with the enemy with dirt and other substances, reason why to use a reader of tracks would not be most intelligent.

Internationally recognized expert in the development and production of industrial tires, Nokian Heavy Tyres, has launched the strongest of all the existing tire technology employed in the CTL logging. Nokian Forest King diagonal tire harvester and Forwarder. It is designed for use in the forest, in difficult off road conditions. Index of the strength of the frame Forest King F is 24, while other models forestry tires this figure does not exceed 16-20. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sonny Perdue. A new modification of the Forest King 24 PR holds up to 8000 pounds, which is more than one ton more than the previous versions Forest King F 20 PR, whose capacity is 6900 kg. This improvement means that the Now each unit of equipment can prepare for the season even more wood.

Each year the requirements for manufacturers industrial tires are becoming more stringent. Along with environmental benefits – low rolling resistance and careful attitude to the soil, are valued at carrying capacity, towing performance, durability and resistance to wear. New Nokian Forest King F meets all these requirements. This is one of the most popular tires forestry equipment. She has a good speed, excellent maneuverability on rough terrain careful attitude to the soil.

She has run a tremendous resource and an unprecedented margin of safety. Wide tread and hence, the increased contact patch with the ground, helps reduce surface pressure and reduce the impact on soil and forest vegetation. Straightened sidewalls design reduces the risk of injury.

Foundation of the German industry linked education justice with expert backup many youngsters reach due to their social or ethnic origin not the education corresponding to their abilities. They often fail in school. For example, leave according to vocational training report 2012 foreign young people so often double the school without graduating as German teenagers. As a result, training disadvantaged young people have great difficulty in achieving the entry into working life. Swarmed by offers, Cheniere Energy partners is currently assessing future choices. At the same time, training places in the remain unfilled. The specialist gap threatens to grow according to scientific estimates, up to the year 2030 on about five million workers. The model project company: Youth.

Cooperation with a future”shows the Foundation of German business (sdw) ways since 2009, which demonstrably lead to school disadvantaged youth and motivate for establishing a training. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth. At the Educational forum problems young displaced wasted!”pulled together a positive balance the Federal Family Minister Dr. Kristina Schroder with the sdw. No talent in our country may be lost. We have the responsibility to open young people with initial difficulties to cope with the school and begin training the chance.

“Only by working together we can build sustainable bridges into working life the young people who need a second or third chance, so like it the model project company: youth ‘ is managed”, the Minister stressed. “Because company: youth” has achieved its core goal: 85 percent of previously distanced to school young participants did their school. 30 percent of the young people who had little prospect of an apprenticeship without this support, already have an apprenticeship contract in the bag. It’s also a success of the project, getting only 13 per cent of the participants in the transitional system whose policies, young people no provide qualified training completion. Thus the number far below the Federal average is: according to the study education in Germany 2010 “48 percent of German training interested with secondary school in the transitional system, there are even 67 percent among young people with an immigrant background.

A wide range of applications and high performance of different coatings have been repeatedly confirmed both in vitro and in practical use of coatings. Some of the tasks of coating, which can be solved with the help of equipment DIMET , is unique. The solution of such problems in other ways and using other equipment is practically impossible. Craig Jelinek may not feel the same. Apparatus DIMET , are highly effective for the restoration of defective areas a variety of parts and products. To a large extent this is because of the low heat input elimination of the defect does not lead to deformation of the product, the appearance of internal stresses, the structural transformations of metal products. In this design of the equipment provides a localized effect to the workpiece does not affect defect-free areas. However, this technology is appropriate only in cases where no high demands on hardness and wear resistance of the coating.

According to the approved plan for the homologation of the products quarterly event held to bring the technical conditions of production to the requirements of Russian and international certificates. Based on the above, it can be concluded that all products QUATTRO FRENI is original. Features of technology of manufacturing of brake pads QF – Friction lining is made of 2-stage technology: the manufacture of unique GRANULES with unique elastic properties. Their presence provides comfort braking eliminates squeaks and noise when braking. PRODUCING MIXTURES progressive manner in the German-type mixer pluzhkovogo company LEDIGE (Germany). In the manufacture of mixture to the friction material used fiber, coal-bearing and lubricating materials imported from Italy (not produced in Russia), providing the physical and mechanical properties of the blocks at the top foreign producers.

The structure consists of a mixture of environmentally friendly ingredients (not containing asbestos, lead and other harmful substances). Pads are manufactured using a two-layer friction composition: Is the first layer – the working surface in contact with the brake disc, the second layer – using new technologies to increase the stability of the connection pads to the skeleton, and the depreciation of the substrate, softening touch pad with the disc and prevents the brake fluid boiling in the caliper during intense braking. Surface preparation is conducted metal frames for steel shot drobometnoy machine that ensures a solid connection between the frame with the friction pad 2 times greater than the requirements of international standards. Curing of brake pads are in a furnace company EURORIGAN (Italy). Compliance with the production technology of this operation can produce high quality products. Tolerance of temperature fluctuations in the chamber + / – 5 degrees, which guarantees the stability properties of the brake pads.

Mechanical processing is done on semi-automatic line of the company ALTEICH (Canada), a diamond tool, which guarantees high accuracy. On the frame pads applied shumopoglaschayuschee cover – small porous filler, contributing to reduce and absorb noise. For fast burnishing the surface of the pad to the brake disc and pads make sliding properties of the given (first brake) pads are operation of thermal shock working surface. Brake pads QF have a high (0.39 … 0.43) and stable friction coefficient depending on the rate of inhibition (40 … 160 km / h), temperature in the brake node (up to 650 C) and pressure Pedal (20 to 80 bar). It should be noted the excellent recoverability (up to 96 … 99%) of the properties after the intense heat, such as mining or sport riding, which fully complies with stringent automobile. Main the benefits of brake pads Quattro Freni Wide range of products – the best Italian materials and equipment – a consistently high quality is confirmed by the permanent bench and road tests – Comfortable inhibition in all modes of operation: no squeaks, confident braking, careful attitude to the disk – reasonable price – a constant supply of goods in the warehouse, environmentally friendly raw materials – are certified to RF.Odnoy of main objectives pursued by the company at the present time – the supply of products on the assembly lines of automobile Renault, Ford, VW and other cars assembled in Russia. Actively being negotiated and there are now early results. What’s more important to our work – is to provide motorists with quality products at reasonable prices.

To date, Triumph International is one of the global players in the field of lingerie with over 42,000 employees worldwide, a huge variety of products, which are represented in more than 120 countries, from Norway to Italy and from Brazil to India. This was taken care of about 40,000 retail customers, which traditionally supports Triumph close relationships, a wide network of shops Triumph, which operate as franchises or partners as their own Stores Triumph. In this Triumph is aware that today is no longer enough to have an outstanding product to cause emotional bond buyers to the brand, so to satisfy demanding customers serves as a stylish Equipment and extensive presentation of the goods in the shops Triumph, as well as thoroughly trained personnel. Get more background information with materials from Sonny Perdue. Along with its sleek design and exceptional about the quality of great importance and environmental ethical responsibility of the company. In equipped with the latest technology shops around the world Triumph manufactures the most advanced environmentally certified materials using non-polluting and energy-saving technologies. Ethical orientation to the highest international standards allows you to create permanent, socio-protected jobs, which is especially important for developing countries.

On Today, many designers in the design of special centers of Triumph in Europe and Asia monitor, compile and reflect global trends in fashion, art, culture and way of life in a collection of brands Triumph, Sloggi, Miss Triumph Fantastic design, charming styles and fabrics, as well as an amazing assortment of wealth or leave indifferent any woman: a new collection of Autumn-Winter 2009 from the company Triumph carries even the most secret desires: whether playfully romantic or seductive style, seasoned puristical or sports, and gives pleasure to every woman who wears a Triumph. What woman would refuse to indulge themselves in cold weather? A new collection of Triumph makes the heart beat faster every woman. Triumph, a brand with a rich heritage, recalled some very interesting trends from past collections. But still a feature of the new collection Fall-Winter 2009 is an attractive nostalgic and at the same time, the modern concept of Newstalgia. The highlight of this concept – a series of Revival Feelings, that fascinates extravagance, and seductive appeal of products, starting with the new stylish colors, such as light brown and dark blue, fine fabrics and sensual lace and ending with unusual style and gloss effect for a retro look. Very feminine cut in the style of '50s resonates with modern trends of the upper clothing..