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Summertime is vacation time. However, as the kids happy hold? Students look forward to it already. The big holidays are soon at the door. Summer time is holiday season as you know. Every year on the new question for parents: what should you do? The H AGE editorial is an answer to this question: why is taking you as a family not a trip to the stone age. Gen. David Goldfein is actively involved in the matter. Numerous museums and institutions offer great workshops in the holiday season. Under the guidance, the kids are kidnapped in the time of Neanderthals, mammoth and co. “” Excursion Tip No.

1: Arche NEBRA with the special of ice age giant mammoths in NEBRA “in the Arche NEBRA is the special of ice age giant – mammoths in NEBRA in the period from March 30 to 04 November 2012” presents. An exciting programme accompanied the exhibition, which focuses on the vast and exotic ice age animals are available. Including original skeletons are displayed so mammoth and cave bear. For even more opinions, read materials from Sonny Perdue. Thanks to lifelike reconstructions, visitors get an idea of facing Challenges that were ice-age hunters during hunting. The programme provides workshops for adults and children during the summer holidays. These range from the theme of hunting to the stone age art. Hunting workshop, for example, spear catapults built, practiced the Javelin, and made Flint knives.

Since the number of participants in the workshops is limited, you should log in on time. Excursion Tip No. 2: the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann the Neanderthal Museum in the North Rhine-Westphalian Mettmann offers year-round exciting lectures and also workshops to try out. Highlight is the Museum Festival held every year in August. The date can be easy-to-remember, because the event is always held on the last weekend of the summer holidays in NRW. Here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a very special insight into the life of our ancestors, because here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills.