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My enthusiasm, which you may check on the pages that follow, is not now, but almost from the first day on which I stepped this earth. When I got to her free of prejudice, hardly knew anyone. Perhaps, the only person who was able to introduce me to the arcana of Valencian collective soul was my colleague Jose Manuel Girones. With him you linked me a long relationship began in Barcelona in the distant 1970 and prolonged then episodically in Madrid and one conventional as little place as the splendid Californian City of San Diego, where by vagaries of destiny returned to match. The other person who had known briefly for professional reasons was the former President of the community, Joan Lerma, for whom I always experienced a strong admiration and an affectionate respect. To conclude this brief relationship of previous contacts, I must allude to Jesus Montesinos, a journalist as the top of a pine, with a unique informational talent and some business skills that most of their colleagues lack. Intuiting already those qualities that still did not know at all, had chosen years earlier as director of diario Mediterraneo, Castellon, when those responsibilities in my quality competed me then of director general of Grupo Zeta publications. Already see what little baggage to jump-start.

However, my admiration for this land, my love, so to speak, occurred immediately. Well it is true that one is natural emotional and that love of the land and people not is difficult. This can attest my many friends in Salamanca, previous professional destination mio, and city I’ve already been in the soul forever. In one of my frequent trips to the city of the Tormes, it emphasized the qualities of the Valencian Community before people like former Deputy Fernando Fernandez de Troconiz or the then Chairman of Caja Duero, Sebastian Battaner. In my enthusiastic preaching, it spoke to them of dynamism of their society, of that unique ability of Valencians to reconcile work and fun, higher than the Spanish average economic growth and its ability to generate employment in these, Sebastian Battaner I interrupted: why not tell all that at a Conference in the Auditorium of our institution? I took a year and a half in the community alone and, however, not arredre me to the effort.

Rest in Crimea is one of the most popular forms of recreation in the CIS. Pension ‘Donuzlav’ is located in the western part of the Crimean peninsula near Evpatoria and is always available for guests and tourists. Private hotel ‘Donuzlav’ completely ready for another holiday season and the prices of food and facilities available on site. You can book rooms from 01.03 and to make advance payment for the room with a 01.04. All bed rooms with private facilities (sink, toilet, shower, hot and cold water 24 hours a day) and staffed with air conditioning, kettle, crockery, fridge and TV.

Next to each room’s table. In a private hotel has a dining room. We can order breakfast, lunch and dinner together or and separately. It is possible to order the children’s portion, they are cheaper. Food is always delicious and fresh.

The distance from the mini pension to the Black Sea not more than 1 km. And to salty bay 100 meters. Sea water is always crystal clean and clear and the sea is happy as the big waves and calms. Bay is always calm and warm. Very rarely it as a wave. Bay Donuzlav is the optimum place for the entire family. Prices can be viewed at the site going on the price. Also on site is available information on employment numbers. In the photos it is possible to see pictures of the sea, the bay, the hotel rooms and areas. The website photos of dinners, lunches and breakfast. Vozhnost see where you go and what sort of condition is very important, because it does not always match the actual oveschanoe. This is just pictures and help the sea areas and rooms. We will always glad to see you and try to ensure optimal relaxation for the whole family. Private pension ‘Donuzlav’ t.