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Sure, anyone with platforms high work with truck stage at high altitudes, making the right choice with a truck-mounted platform. Thanks to their large range, truck mounted platforms are ideally suited to work on tall buildings or trees. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sonny Perdue. Optionally even not wider than the vehicle itself, you have a narrow and variable support option. Work in places with little available space such as in road transport and a quick change of scenery are easily possible. Truck mounted platforms – the flexible and environmentally friendly work platforms truck mounted platforms have both vertically as well as horizontally across a large range. With a maximum working height of 105 m and a side range of 38 m, they provide flexibility at work and can be versatile. Working with a truck-mounted platform thanks to its electric drive is absolutely environmentally friendly. The all-terrain truck mounted platforms are perfectly suited terrain a strong partner for use in the area.

To easily over Obstacles to work, recommended truck platforms with telescopic or articulated telescopic. When working on trees, a model with tree equipment is the right choice. This includes, for example, a practical support for chain saws. Truck mounted platforms are available with many additional options for individual use: grid divider and roof protection 230 Volt connection in the basket of compressed air and water pipe supports In the boom integrated cable management bracket for transporting heavy loads big work basket capacity of rotating platform flat design for low passages bio oil in the hydraulic lines special brackets and Triax cable for TV cameras fiberglass basket with insulation against 1,000 volt Kuhnle: the reliable lessor of truck platforms Kuhnle work platforms rented truck lifts and other lifts for every need. When working with truck platforms, security plays a crucial role. Therefore, Kuhnle safety has top priority: all Work platforms undergo before a rental of operational testing. In addition introduces the experienced staff of Kuhnle of any customers in the operation of the lifts. Kuhnle’s website provides extensive information about the truck lifts and other lifts worth a visit. Evelin power