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Play in the garden – just what? Here are some suggestions. Soon it is warmer outside again. Then, it attracts young and old with magical power in the open. Children want to no longer sit in the lounge, but in outdoor play. Families who live at home and have a garden there, may consider twice lucky in this situation.

But what should you purchase toys for the garden? I don’t like most of the children for a long time in the countryside. After at least an hour of Herumtobens around, they want toys that grips your attention longer and it offers also great fun. Which toy is recommended for the home garden? All types of balls are a still popular classic. In a sporting goods store or in the Department of a large department store a large number of selectable today out of various balls. Each sport is known to have their specific ball. Other balls are suitable depending on the age of the child.

For the whole small children one can recommend rather soft balls, while the bigger ones can go to with footballs made of leather. Also exotic balls such as basketballs and football balls are always welcome in older children. Because they provide the desired variety and just fun. The Badminton is also quite popular. This can be played with or without a net in the garden. You need only two clubs and a shuttlecock, and already the game can begin. The drawback of this pastime is their susceptibility to wind. Even at the smallest gust of air, the shuttlecock will be unfairly aborted and can spoil the enjoyment of the game soon one. A better solution is the softball game here, but on grass or other soft surfaces this can be also not perfectly played. Trampolines were very popular in recent times. Who today informed on the Internet about it, discovered a huge amount of different manufacturers and models. It is the right thing for the quite difficult from the variety of models Home Garden to choose from. Therefore, the Web site offers trampoline test very detailed and detailed descriptions of the best current models. With this information, an informed buying decision can be made. With a trampoline you can enjoy plenty of exercise and tremendously fun. The most important when playing in the garden, however, is that the parents participate in the games of children. To play with MOM and dad makes the most children in the most joy? This point before the purchase decision to consider is just for a trampoline. Because not every model is designed for adults.