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A representative Forsa survey commissioned by Comdirect revealed that the population currently has a high level of interest on mortgage loans. Wiesbaden, 07.10.2013. Most of the respondents consider the environment attractive, although emerging first price rises. Who currently want to finance, should afford yet a repayment rate of two percent, at least then, if he has no equity”, says Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Background is that only about half of the loan is carried off a repayment of only one percent otherwise after about 30 years.

This time at the time of retirement, there could be an increased burden. At all, you should track how looming the development of construction financing conditions, because these attract visible in the last few months. The FMH financial advice, determined an index for construction loans ten-year. The conditions are currently at 2.8 percent, but already amounted to 2.3 percent. This Index is based on the offers of 40 selected construction lenders.

It should be that the terms differ sometimes considerably and are dependent on many factors not overlooked. For example, brought equity, the repayment and the household income. The question would remain: rising or falling borrowing costs in the coming months? To do this, we must ask ourselves the following question: what focus actually construction financing terms? Banks refinance like about government bonds, or Pfandbriefe. Cheaper to purchase are more cheaper, the construction financing conditions fail. Since may, increased the yield of government bonds from 1.0 to 1.6 per cent. Bonds also rose accordingly. Loans also rose as a result. Thus, it should know that this is a sensitive adjustment screw: because most recently, many investors in highly secure facilities (so federal bonds, or Pfandbriefe) whereby the prices fell and yields rose adopted. Should flicker on the euro crisis, however, again could exactly the opposite effect establish. Then construction financing terms would be as additional effect, again cheaper. Against the background of historical figures, one may classify the current financing environment still as a very consumer-friendly. Even for families without large capital the chance arises instead of a lifetime to pay rent, to finance their own apartment or a private home. It should not be forgotten that construction money cost proud eight percent 20 years ago at ten-year, ten years ago, there were at least six percent. For Thomas Vogel as Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH remains an argument always applicable: funding should be reasonable and considered. The interest rate environment should not lead to great adventures. And finally it is advisable for borrowers, which to be sure protection if she not already dictated the financing within the framework: the death protection urgently needs to be recommended should at least for five years enough to be able to use the credit. And the credit exposure should take into account also the height of professional or occupational disability insurance considerations.

Finance blog with wide-ranging topics to the current situation well informed is possible even in difficult times of the euro decline, to reach highly speculative markets and quickly back and forth floating rates in a safe waters. Now buy gold and if so, in what form? Why seemingly safe values are actually highly speculative. And it does not mean that Government bonds are safe, as we have seen in the case of Greece. The euro is in danger, but we have only this currency. Top-flight authors writing on the various topics that affect us all in increasing proportions. It goes to our financial future, and thus to our economic survival, which ultimately depends on our existence. The Gorke’s blog you read financial planning at irregular intervals much cited article around your money and your assets.

Worn together from the various sources and brought here on the point. The return is crucial for investment success do you not even your money safe and marketing creating profits? What do you mean want?”you think I don’t have even one”. All the more important it is for you to make savings on the return. Always nice to the old principle: ‘ who has money must not speculate; If you have none, which must speculate. ” Because if you really want to complete with your money investment, or your assets with profit, you need to generate not only the interest from government bonds or other bonds; also profits from building Association savings agreements, if there even is, or your bank savings certificates below-the-line will not lead to a plus in your savings efforts.

Fees, taxes and other charges outweigh the meager profits. Not to mention life insurance and private pensions. Because they provide only profits for the insurance company after years and decades. The saver remains sidelined with bitter losses. Only from yields of 6% is worth to save at all.

Using this overview you will find it then easier to make a decision. (Similarly see: Jack Fusco). Information are listened to good advice if you are in the city or Edit administrative files, would you then trust himself professionally to repair your car? If you are working as a Baker, would you dare to then, to make decisions about settings in the personnel office? Probably not. Because everybody is for any activity on its territory of a specialist; but just not for any other activity that there is just an other specialist. Strange way seems this on the subject of finances for most of us no longer to apply. Almost everyone thinks to be able to make his investment decisions with enough expertise itself. It recently conducted studies, that just the German savers have barely sufficient knowledge to make their money in the right way to work. Not about it is that every year approximately 100 billion euros not be generated, although they could, because the investment funds are improperly invested. This huge sum would be but sorely needed to Goals that everyone associates with its cost-saving efforts, also to be able to reach.

Save, so investment, asset accumulation is not just a luxury, but is sorely needed as a pension. We will have to say goodbye all the thoughts, that the State provides us at the end of the life. Instead we are need to worry yourself about our financial future. Also the information about the financial markets and everything, so together depends on, is therefore particularly important. Even if everyone informed themselves: If you don’t do it to your profession, you remain amateur. The information will help you if necessary, the right questions to ask a financial planner.

But you can not renounce the professional therefore still long. Gorke offers professional advice to financial planning. Professional”means of course that this advice will cost something. And to make this advice as independent as possible and neutral, the best way is the advice for fee. This need not be expensive and worth, If the profit from a professionally created financial strategy is often higher than the consulting costs. Axel Garcia

Press and public relations work by Christian blank Bamberg, 21.02.2012: since time immemorial, the Bamberg PROJECT Fund group attaches great importance to a professional support from analysts, journalists and other multipliers. Therefore, the Office of the Press Secretary was occupied seamlessly again after being eliminated by Katharina Hameem with Christian blank to February. Christian blank (35) the PROJECT funds Group won with a designated journalism and PR experts with extensive experience in the media landscape for themselves. He completed his master’s degree in political science, German Linguistics and psychology at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nuremberg and worked during his academic training as a journalist and television editor for different media. Christian blank also is a member of the Bavarian Association of journalists since 2001. in 2006 he became spokesman and head of corporate communications in the industry. He accompanied the Brodos AG, with nationwide more than 100 stores in the retail chain my-eXtra to the three leading Wholesale company for telecommunications products in Germany is one.

As a spokesperson and PR Manager of the outsourcing company Sellbytel group he gathered since 2010 international experience in corporate communications. With project I connect a fast-growing, medium-sized companies of finance a challenge that has always appealed to me. That is why I am on this new task, in which I can bring me immediately”, says blank, which the PROJECT Fund Group occupies the position of Press Secretary as well as is responsible for the marketing department. Christian blank is an asset on which we very happy. From his experiences in the industry and for larger groups of other sectors of the economy we expect interesting impulses”, so Wolfgang Dippold as Managing Director of the PROJECT Fund group. For more information,

Activity solar GmbH offers investors PV projects over 2 MW solar activity GmbH joined with its Romanian subsidiary of activity energy RO s.r.l provides investors with turnkey photovoltaic projects from 2 MW, as well as the opportunity to participate in existing operators. The minimum participation is EUR 50 thousand., the current annual rate of return is more than 20%. The background is that in Romania in addition to the remuneration for the electricity produced six green certificate per MWh produced over a period of 15 years will be issued. For these are paid daily between 27,-and 55,-euros on the stock exchange. Currently the green certificates to the ceiling are traded and until a saturation of demand will take yet some time. To gain the highest possible planning security, we can close fixed supply contracts for the green certificates for a period of 5 years with option to extend for another 5 years at a purchase price of approximately 40,-euro.

Therefore, we have considered both the current peak, as well as the calculation with purchase contracts in determining yield. Should you be interested in an investment in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors from all over the world in the market pushing. Therefore, the projects are quickly sold out. Gladly we will send a detailed expose you to the desired project. While in Germany and most European countries systematically cut funding for photovoltaic systems, strong pent-up demand there is in Romania.

The background is that Romania must be 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020 as European Member country. Currently the share of renewable energy is only about 8%. As an incentive for investors and investment security, the Romanian Government offers very high fees of currently 0,362 / kWh. To the 01.01.2014, the remuneration is newly adopted in Romania. It is to assume that similar to other European States the feed-in tariff will be reduced greatly.