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Press and public relations work by Christian blank Bamberg, 21.02.2012: since time immemorial, the Bamberg PROJECT Fund group attaches great importance to a professional support from analysts, journalists and other multipliers. Therefore, the Office of the Press Secretary was occupied seamlessly again after being eliminated by Katharina Hameem with Christian blank to February. Christian blank (35) the PROJECT funds Group won with a designated journalism and PR experts with extensive experience in the media landscape for themselves. He completed his master’s degree in political science, German Linguistics and psychology at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nuremberg and worked during his academic training as a journalist and television editor for different media. Christian blank also is a member of the Bavarian Association of journalists since 2001. in 2006 he became spokesman and head of corporate communications in the industry. He accompanied the Brodos AG, with nationwide more than 100 stores in the retail chain my-eXtra to the three leading Wholesale company for telecommunications products in Germany is one.

As a spokesperson and PR Manager of the outsourcing company Sellbytel group he gathered since 2010 international experience in corporate communications. With project I connect a fast-growing, medium-sized companies of finance a challenge that has always appealed to me. That is why I am on this new task, in which I can bring me immediately”, says blank, which the PROJECT Fund Group occupies the position of Press Secretary as well as is responsible for the marketing department. Christian blank is an asset on which we very happy. From his experiences in the industry and for larger groups of other sectors of the economy we expect interesting impulses”, so Wolfgang Dippold as Managing Director of the PROJECT Fund group. For more information,

With the joining of INREV, the PROJECT investment group expands its European investor network. Bamberg, 28.02.2013: The capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT investment is Association of independent financial services companies in Europe already in several renowned financial organizations such as vote or Federal Association for financial services (AfW) organized. INREV is the European Association for investors in non-listed real estate instruments. To achieve an increase in liquidity in the private real estate markets in Europe, pursued INREV the strategy, greater transparency, accessibility, to promote professionalism and standards for industry standard procedures. INREV offers us an important platform for the exchange of institutional investors and other fund providers.

The objectives and the guidelines of INREV we fully support and take them into account in our daily work and our products. After we us open the institutional business, which is Membership in INREV the next logical step, “so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group. INREV currently has over 340 members from leading institutional investors, fund managers, fund initiators and to consultants from across Europe and beyond. The Association is supported primarily by institutional investors and other market participants such as fund managers, investment banks, lawyers and other advisers. The non-profit association headquartered in Amsterdam was founded in May 2003.

Activity solar GmbH offers investors PV projects over 2 MW solar activity GmbH joined with its Romanian subsidiary of activity energy RO s.r.l provides investors with turnkey photovoltaic projects from 2 MW, as well as the opportunity to participate in existing operators. The minimum participation is EUR 50 thousand., the current annual rate of return is more than 20%. The background is that in Romania in addition to the remuneration for the electricity produced six green certificate per MWh produced over a period of 15 years will be issued. For these are paid daily between 27,-and 55,-euros on the stock exchange. Currently the green certificates to the ceiling are traded and until a saturation of demand will take yet some time. To gain the highest possible planning security, we can close fixed supply contracts for the green certificates for a period of 5 years with option to extend for another 5 years at a purchase price of approximately 40,-euro.

Therefore, we have considered both the current peak, as well as the calculation with purchase contracts in determining yield. Should you be interested in an investment in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors from all over the world in the market pushing. Therefore, the projects are quickly sold out. Gladly we will send a detailed expose you to the desired project. While in Germany and most European countries systematically cut funding for photovoltaic systems, strong pent-up demand there is in Romania.

The background is that Romania must be 20% of energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020 as European Member country. Currently the share of renewable energy is only about 8%. As an incentive for investors and investment security, the Romanian Government offers very high fees of currently 0,362 / kWh. To the 01.01.2014, the remuneration is newly adopted in Romania. It is to assume that similar to other European States the feed-in tariff will be reduced greatly.