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It can be affirmed that culture is social party to suit therefore has bond with all the aspects of the social life, and is part of the historical construction of a society. It is the result of the social fights for a better destination, against the inaquality. The concerns in if studying and appraising culture are constant in the dominant civilizations, and the culture in is in constant transformation and perfectioning, growing in unit with the society.

The culture is the dimension of society that engloba all the knowledge in an ample direction and the form to express this knowledge. III.A CULTURE IN OUR SOCIETY One of the characteristics of the society of today is the great internal diversity, therefore the population if locates in different ways in the production way. It has the classroom detainer of the wealth, and also the laboring, diligent classroom. This division if of the one by means of the social classrooms, that possess forms of living distinct. However, exactly inside of one same social classroom, has diversity, therefore nor everybody lives the same of skill, a time that exists difference of incomes, priorities, values, region of the country, etc. the concern is as to deal inside with the cultural dimension of our proper society. Already it is known that inside of the Brazilian society diverse cultural groups exist, but exist some that if sobressaem for dealing with characteristics of the national culture, that is, can be said that they are sovereign.

The production, the speed, information, the portabilidade, and adaptability is some of the new standards of after-modernity. Carrier may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To be ready all the situations and to know to deal (and even though to wait) that the social and affective relationships, for example, are ephemeral, as in an obligator cycle of start and end, started to be a standard of acceptable behavior and many times desirable. This illustrates as the liquidity if it inside became new a sensible one of ideal behavior of this society that Weber called ' ' desencantada' '. Old values of solidity and durability, tradition, family and religiosidade open space for the fluidity, change, speed, adaptability, productivity and rationality. Even though the conceptions of time and space if had reconfigured at this moment. The technological development extended the possibility of displacement for diverse places of the world in a short time, modifying slight knowledge of distance, space and time. The sprouting of the Internet, the communication in net and the virtual space also they had modified significantly this relation of time and space. is in this scene that we can observe as the Media acquires space and force.

Ideals of consumption and productivity are propagated of form explicit or guarded e, many times, ' ' preenchem' ' a existencial emptiness of this society. The search for corporeal properties, reaching a standard of beauty and an ideal job, for example, priorities in the society of &#039 had become; ' world desencantado' '. Such values if present as standards of happiness and personal accomplishment in substitution the old traditions of family and religiosidade, for example. It is sufficiently common, in times of liquid modernity, that the relationships are ephemeral and that these relations if establish under total distinct fragile foundations of the feeling of the love and essential values for familiar constitution, creation of the children and etc. We live a world where the technological progress, the rationalization and science had not brought all the happiness that one day if it waited.

And when the money is, we do not remember them, do not feel a sense of gratitude for the fact that now we can afford, do not feel the joy of owning a sum, which means we do not send signals to the universe that we like it that we are happy when we have money, thereby attracting similar energy, ie, again the money. That is obtained when there is no money, we concentrate on them, but rather to their absence, creating an absence. And when the money is, we do not concentrate on their presence, thus, again without creating a presence. If you understand what I am, , begin to concentrate on what you have on how what you already have on your success on your qualities, the other material things that you could afford to buy for the money, and in any case not to think about what money you have, say, now do not. Should not be sad sigh, they say, oh, that's when I had the money, but Better, imagine if in fact the money came to you, no matter from what source (leave it to the Universe) and try to experience the reality of real joy of money, imagine receiving this money in all the details! Imagine how you reshatete all your problems with that amount easily, without effort, and most importantly, be happy! Try as often as possible to send a signal to the Universe that it otliknulas on your energy and attracted to you exactly what you need. Stop worrying about the lack of money.

But do not expect instant results. 'Rome was not built! " You long while sending the wrong signals, and is now in a second world does not turn over! To better understand what I mean, please read my post 'to a temporary buffer and the wheel of desire. " Start 'program itself' with affirmations. How often do you repeat something like 'no money', 'little money', 'how to live?', 'Where to get the money? " etc., etc This, too, affirmations, only negative, it is also programming itself, but for some reason, such units are normal, unfortunately, and installation are considered to be a positive something out of the ordinary, although it is more natural for humans to focus on abundance, because the universe is abundant, nature is abundant. You do not become argue that in the sand little grains of sand or the sea is not enough drops? It will be unnatural. Now try the other programs: 'My income is constantly growing', 'I can easily make money', 'every day I get more and more profit 'or' every day I on; beam more and more earn ',' I attract wealth and happiness ',' I'm always unlucky ',' I trust her life, she brings me everything I need each day ',' I get money easily and happy ',' I'm relaxed and quietly accept the flow of abundance into your life ',' I am rich by the day ',' I deserve the very best in life ',' wealth gives me the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of life ', 'I – a magnet for money and success. " Try to come up with their own affirmations, which will be closer to you and that you will most naturally be repeated.

The education is extended to consolidate, systemize and to reproduce the ideology, but also to make criticizes of this ideology becoming emancipadora the practical one of each one improving the real conditions of the existence of the humanity. Ahead of this scene all these pretensions are based from the existence of the truth. Therefore the truth and the thought are special procedures leave to know the facts, relation theoretician and practises. However she is interesting to stand out that some things alone have reason of being will have some immediate utility. All the questionings that we make pra to answer the life or situations of the life, as: Which is the intention of the life? Why we are here? Of where we came? Pra where we go? Who is the philosophy formulates and tries answers these questions. 1.3Porque is important to form a philosophical vision on the education? One perceives that in the measure where it advances the study in the educational philosophy innumerable they are the questions that if loom in the mind human being and that these ask for objective answers, clear and true. The importance inhabits here to understand the relevance of the philosophy of the education, therefore this objective science in helping the human being to also think and to organize the questions and to consider solutions for the challenges found in democratic educational practical society one in a globalizado and saturated world of information that receive from media, as quaisquermeios of communications and of its world reading our return and that these need to be transformed into knowledge and this is reverted for the good of a group or a pursuing of the society. In accordance with SAVIANI (2000, p.49): To promote the man means becomes it each time capable to know the elements of its situation in order to be able to intervine in it transforming it into the direction of the magnifying of the freedom, of the communication and elaboration between the men.

E for the knowledge of the situation, in we count hojecom a valuable instrument to them: science. When the processed information in the mind are placed in practical transforming into action and by means of reflexivas actions giving a vision of what this is knowledge when the established education when in the conception of Deweyano occurs that the conception of freedom. ‘ ‘ The education of the man would be process by means of which the man unclasps all its potencialidades’ ‘. (GODOTTI. s. 2001.p.17).